10 Facts About Milan

10 facts about Milan, Cathedral

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10 Facts About Milan

How it began?

According to archaeologists, Milan was founded by the Celtic tribe called Insubres (or Insubri) in 600 BC, after whom the region was called Insubria. The Romans named the town Mediolanum, that means Mediterranean in Latin. This is number 1 of our 10 facts about Milan.

The ‘famous’ last supper

10 facts About Milan must always include this one! Many visit Milan’s Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie. However, many do not know that it houses the famous ‘Last supper’ painting by da Vinci.  The painting was made to order of the Milan duke Ludwik Sforza. Da Vinci used an unusual technique that proved to be unstable. In addition, in 1652, in the wall where the painting is located, a door opening leading to the monastery kitchen was dug. This deprived them of the central fragment covering the table and Christ’s feet – the passage was soon bricked up, but the fragment was irretrievably destroyed

Use your fingers – its aperitivo time!

Every night from 7 to 9 PM the bars and cafes encourage their guests to eat! After ordering something to drink, guests in Milan are allowed to eat ‘all that they can’. Between a bite of snack and a sip of wine (or whatever) you can chat with friends and enjoy the atmosphere.

The highest city in Italy.

Milan is a city of scyscrapers! There is also located the highest building in Italy called ‘Pirelli Tower’ (which is also the first skyscraper in the country). Built between 1956-1958 “Pirelli Tower” is a 32-sfloor, 124.1 m  tall, and represents the economic recovery of Italy after the devastation of World War II.

10 facts about Milan, Skyscraper

Let’s celebrate!

Definitely, the best time to visit Milan is 7 th of December, which is the ‘National Milan’s Day’ called the Feast of Saint Ambrose. During this day, locals (and tourists of course) can enjoy the fair, that takes form of a street market arranged around the Saint’s Basilica, offering everything from antique stalls and buskers to roast chestnuts and candy floss. The Saint’s day also coincides with the opening of the season of the world famous Milan La Scala Opera.

Largest Opera House in Europe

The opera mentioned above is the largest of its type in whole of Europe! Inaugurated on 3 August 1778, around 2000 people can go here and enjoy a performance. Apart being the Greatest opera, La Scalla has her own chours, ballet and orchestra. 

Let’s play!

Milan is the home for two of the strongest Italian football League clubs teams:  Inter Milan and AC Milan (Which is owned by the former prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi). Both teams play at the San Siro stadium which is the largest stadium in Italy. 

Let’s walk (on the catwalk)

What you can do in the capital of European fashion? Of course attend the Milan Fashion Week and enjoy the shows. The autumn/winter event is held in February/March of each year, and the spring/summer event is held in September/October of each year. Milan’s show, established in 1958, is part of the global “Big Four fashion weeks”, the others are held in Paris, London and New York. The schedule begins with New York, followed by London, and then Milan, and ending with Paris.

Prada shop, Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Shopping and sightseeing, Milan

Second Venice?

One of the most known Italian cities – Venice is known by it’s canals. How about Milan?  It’s canals are not only beautiful, but also functional! They were constructed to transport goods from the nearby lakes. One of the most important deliveries was marble from Candoglia, which was used to construct Milan’s cathedral.

10 facts about Milan, Canals

Be a parent for a gargoyle

The last of our 10 facts about Milan is a great one. Due to help for raising money for much needed renovation Milan cathedral has launched a campaign to adopt its gargoyles. A total of 135 gargoyles are up for adoption and donors who cough up more than 100,000 € will have their name engraved under the gargoyle.

10 facts about Milan- Cathedral, Milan

There is much to discover here. You will need a base to recover at the end of an exciting and awe-inspiring day in Milan. Check out our two superb and affordable hotels in the city.

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