Fun Facts Berlin

10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany, but it is also a city full of stories and fun facts!

  • At Berlin’s famous shopping street Kurfürstendamm (the so called Ku’Damm) you won’t find the house number 1 to 10.
  • Berlin has more bridges than Venice, but of course the city is also much bigger than the tiny Italian island.
  • When JFK visited Berlin, he infamously said “Ich bin ein Berliner,” which might be translated to “I am a jelly donut.” (In most parts of Germany, donuts are called Berliner. Only in Berlin they are called differently: “Pfannkuchen” – which again means some completly other dish in any other German city…)
  • Berlin has the largest train station in Europe.
  • Berlin is nine times bigger than Paris. 
  • Within Berlin there are over 180km of navigable waterways – Hire a kayak or take a boat tour for an interesting perspective of the city.
  • Berlin is the only city in the world with three active opera houses.  The auditoriums of the Berliner Staatsoper, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, and the Komische Oper can play to a total of 4,411 audience members.
  • There are nine castles in Berlin. These include the Schloss Charlottenburg and the Köpenicker Schloss, as well as six former manors and mansions, which are also called Schlösschen (little castles) in common parlance.
  • The East Side Gallery is the longest open air gallery in the world and also has the longest surviving stretch of the Berlin Wall at 1,316 km. The section was painted by 118artists from 21countries with 101works.
  • Berlin has more ‚Döner‘ Kebap shops than Istanbul. No less than 1,600 places are selling this delicious Turkish snack. Surprise: ‚Döner‘, in the form we know and love it –Kebap meat, served with salad and sauce in grilled flat bread –has been invented in Berlin! And Döner are very popular in Berlin.

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