The Best Vegan Food in Leipzig

Vegan in Leipzig

Döner done differently

Sometimes, you just have a hankering for fast food, even when travelling. However, it’s not always easy to get hold of, sometimes even impossible for vegetarians or vegans. The go-to option is falafel, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something else for a change? If you are out and about in Leipzig, there is a solution. That’s because the cool city with around 570,000 residents has a long-established döner specialist that offers something a little different: Die Vleischerei. It is a play on the German word “Fleischerei”, meaning butcher’s shop, and the “V” at the beginning stands for vegan. Die Vleischerei is in fact a vegan bistro. They don’t serve döner meat in their kebabs here, but rather “Vöner”.

Like at a traditional kebab shop, the Vleischerei serves flatbread filled with cabbage, onions, cucumber and tomato. It is topped off with seitan instead of meat.

Leipzig vegan vleischerei

We wanted to test it out for ourselves, so the two of us went to Die Vleischerei ( One vegetarian and one meat-lover. So you could say it was something of an endurance test. And the result? Well, what can we say, we tested it our ourselves three years ago, and ever since, we have visited every time we’ve been in Leipzig. Die Vleischerei is part of our usual itinerary. That’s because both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike described the Vöner as succulent, well-seasoned – just delicious. From the bread to the fillings and the amazing sauces – it’s all fantastic. That will absolutely cure your fast food munchies.

Vegan in Leipzig

If you’d prefer to stick to falafel anyway, you still have something to look forward to on the menu at Die Vleischerei. In addition to the Vöner, they also serve falafel burgers, seitan burgers, great chips, and the rest.

Vegan in Leipzig - Leipzig vegan vleischerei

By the way, Die Vleischerei is situated in the trendy neighbourhood of Plagwitz. So make the most of the opportunity and treat yourself to a coffee at RöstGut ( ) or take a look around the exciting cultural site Baumwollspinnerei (internal link ).

Here you can find also our hotel in the center of Leipzig.

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