The Leipzig Vegan Restaurant Guide

Veganism is on the rise in Leipzig

It’s no secret that the vegan food scene is on the rise in Germany.  More and more places popping up all over the country. In Leipzig, this is certainly no exception, as the large student population and its left-leaning stance already positions it perfectly for being receptive to the vegan lifestyle. There are also some great options for families staying in hotel in Leipzig, who want to try something different to eat. There are plenty of vegan options to be found all over Leipzig. Here are some of the best places that are concentrated in the south, specifically in the neighbourhoods of Südvorstadt and Connewitz.

The Leipzig Vegan Restaurant Guide

Mein Liebes Frollein

This delightful little cafe has plenty of comfortable seating, friendly staff, decent wifi and a clean yet quirky design. Come here for the cake, as they always have at least one vegan option, and almost all of their hot drinks can be made vegan. Sometimes, there’s also a vegan savoury dish available, usually soup. It’s the perfect spot to stop and relax for a minute, or even to bring your laptop and get some work done.

Vegan Food in Leipzig


With an all vegan, organic and seasonal menu, this place is a cut above the rest.  Thee prices, while still affordable, do reflect that. During the week, it’s a great place to come to experience their international menu, while at weekends, they also serve hearty German-style breakfasts made vegan. Sunday is perhaps the best time to come. It is then that you can sample their extensive buffet brunch of hot dishes, salads, locally made breads, spreads, fruit and sweets. Be sure to make a reservation if you want to be guaranteed a spot, as it’s popular for a reason.

Leipzig Vegan Restaurant


This tiny place serves high quality vegan fast food. The menu consists of customisable burgers, sandwiches, salads and a few other changing dishes such as noodles or soups. It is perfect for a quick but filling bite. In summer months, they have extra seating outside. However, if it’s busy you may have to order to take away. Thi shouldn’t be a problem as there are several nice parks to sit in nearby. They often also have locally made cakes, so make sure to leave room for a little something sweet too!

Eisdiele Brackers

They have all the classics ice creams you could want here! Almost half of them are vegan, either sorbets or non-dairy milk based. Staff are friendly and chatty, and fortunately the cones they use are also vegan. The simple but satisfying soy based chocolate ice cream is ideal. It is also  just €1 for a modest scoop. What more could you want? Great option also for families in a Leipzig hotel that want to go out for a treat!

Leipzig Vegan Restaurant


A fully vegetarian restaurant that serves almost entirely vegan food ! This place is unique in that their menu changes several times a month and often includes options to ‘build your own’ meal. Separated between soups, salads, starters, mains and desserts, however it is when you visit, the menu certainly includes a lot of choice from among its internationally inspired dishes.

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