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Leipziger Maler Heiko Mattausch

Leipzig Painter Heiko Mattausch

Many roads lead to art and if there is one person for whom pursuing this path has paid off, it is Heiko Mattausch. Born in Döbeln, he initially worked as an architect for many years before finally deciding to do what he had always gravitated towards: painting. Now he is a full-time painter in Leipzig. A glance at his paintings shows that architecture wasn’t just a professional pit stop, but rather a formative guidepost.

Martijn Doolaard – One Year on a Bike

Martijn Doolaard – One Year on a Bike

‘I was totally exposed in the open field but at the same time completely isolated in the infinity of the landscape.’

Martijn Doolaard traded the convenience of a car and the distractions of daily life for a cross-continental cycling journey. An adventure that took him from Amsterdam to Singapore – in 335 days, through 18 countries, covering more than 17,000 kilometres.

Brüssel Comic Route

Brussels Comic Book Route

Let’s not neglect the opportunity to explore the Art Nouveau architecture of Brussels, but the true aim of our visit to the city is to go in search of ‘the ninth art’: Brussels is the capitol of Franco-Belgian comics (or bandes dessinées in French). Here, the cultural significance of these visual narratives is frequently encountered when strolling about: in the many comic book shops that flourish on the city’s shopping streets, in museums such as the Belgian Comic Strip Center, which was opened in 1989 in a building designed by Victor Horta, as well as in the many sculptures and murals scattered around the city.