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Sizzling Soul Food

Juicy spare ribs, brown sizzling beef brisket, and wonderfully succulent pulled pork: in barbecue restaurants, there is a lot of smoke about a lot…

The modern art of brewing

Really good coffee is much more than a bit of ground coffee with scalding water poured over it. Not only is the raw product celebrated in really great coffee bars, but also precision craftsmanship. Filter coffee is making a comeback, and a new playing field has been opened up by cold brew and cáscara.

Bite Berlin

What are the best things about traveling? For me, it is without doubt the insatiable quest to eat, drink and discover. Food and learning…

Food markets of London

London ist groß. Unglaublich groß! Da kann man wertvolle Zeit verlieren, wenn es darum geht herauszufinden, wo man am besten unserem Lieblingshobby nachgehen kann: essen. Denn wenn ihr wie ich seid, dann ist es ein absolut wesentlicher Aspekt jedes Städtetrips, die Orte zu finden, an denen man am besten essen kann.


Mexican mezcal is an incredibly alluring spirit that has become one of the latest trends in European bar culture. A high-quality spirit that fits our zeitgeist perfectly with its handcrafted, ethical production values, special taste and traditional design. This is the exciting story of Clandestino Mezcalero, who set off on a mission to spread the Mexican culture of mezcal to the world.

Foodtrend Streetfood Markets in Vienna

Some time ago, Street Food markets also have established in Austria. Previously, there were food trucks and other sales stalls even before, but they only have a supporting role at events. The concept is simple and comes from Asia: Different dishes are prepared in front of the customer. There are mobile stalls (like foodtrucks) on public areas, where the food is made and sold. The dishes are mainly fingerfood and can be eaten without cutlery therefore ideal for „to go“.

Indian cuisine in Leipzig

Over half a million people currently live in Leipzig. Established 1,000 years ago, the town at the crossroads of the Via Regia and Via Imperii trade routes was granted city rights in 1065. Leipzig subsequently developed into an important exhibition and trade metropolis. The town on the Pleiße and White Elster rivers has always exuded cosmopolitan flair, remaining a multicultural melting pot to this day. And this is naturally also reflected in the culinary offerings.

The Five Best Restaurants for Vegan Indian Food in Berlin

While Berlin is certainly known as a vegan foodie destination and a place where you can easily find everything in vegan form from döner to dim sum, it is not especially easy to come across good vegan Indian food. There are many, many Indian restaurants of varying quality in Berlin, but these are the five best places for vegan Indian food.