From Cotton to Art: the Leipzig Cotton Mill

June 21, 1884: the first cotton is produced in the brand-new cotton mill in Leipzig. A good 130 years later, you can see something completely different. It is not cotton, but art which is produced here today.

Cocktailbar Empfehlung Leipzig

Cocktaibar Recommondation Leipzig: Imperii – For the pure enjoyment of cocktails in the heart of Leipzig’s city centre

When “Cocktail“ with Tom Cruise is on the television do your eyes light up and is a well-mixed drink the perfect start for you to a relaxed evening after work or a wild party night? Then there’s one place in Leipzig that you shouldn’t ignore – the Imperii, right on Brühl 72. Since August 2015, André Pintz has been shaking up Leipzig’s bar scene from behind its counter. If you order a cocktail here not only do you get a drink but also the story that goes with it and the best ingredients guaranteed, including house-made liqueurs and syrups. This should come as no surprise, as a true artist is at work here. André Pintz has a true passion for bartending and has held his own on the international market in numerous competitions. It’s good for Leipzig that he loves this city and that he wants to share his passion for exceptional drinks with its residents and guests.

Wintry Leipzig tips for families

If you know Leipzig you know that this city is a visitor magnet not only in the summer. Even when the bathing lakes are frozen over and the meadows in the park covered with snow, Leipzig offers a great variety of ways to brighten up a dull winter’s day with a child in tow.

Leipzig in 48 hours

Discover Leipzig in 48 hours “This is where Luther disputed, Bach composed, Goethe studied and Napoleon capitulated” Leipzig is young. Leipzig is creative. Rather…

Indian cuisine in Leipzig

Over half a million people currently live in Leipzig. Established 1,000 years ago, the town at the crossroads of the Via Regia and Via Imperii trade routes was granted city rights in 1065. Leipzig subsequently developed into an important exhibition and trade metropolis. The town on the Pleiße and White Elster rivers has always exuded cosmopolitan flair, remaining a multicultural melting pot to this day. And this is naturally also reflected in the culinary offerings.