Breakfast, Anyone?

Good news, folks: you can now pre-book your breakfast on our website and only pay 65 DKK (regular price 75 DKK)! You can pre-book…

ride the bike in kopenhagen

Teambuilding in Copenhagen

Enjoy the Scandinavian metropolis At the beginning of May, our Regional Manager in Berlin, Daniela Simic-Gül, took her team and headed to Copenhagen. For…

Our Second Hotel In Amsterdam

Our Second Hotel In Amsterdam Explore the hotel   We recently opened our second MEININGER Hotel in Amsterdam! 🎉 In this blog entry, we would like…

MEININGER in cooperation with GemüseAckerdemie

The GemüseAckerdemie is a full year, practice oriented education program with the aim of increasing the value of food to children and young people and anchoring healthy eating habits. By growing vegetables the children and young people gain a basic knowledge of agriculture, develop an understanding of healthy nutrition and learn how nature works.

Our MEININGER office dogs

For thousands of years, dogs have been known as man’s best friend. At MEININGER we can’t get enough of them either and that’s why we are glad to let our employees bring their furry, faithful, four-legged friends to work with them. Let us introduce you to four trusty MEININGER dogs.

Surfing our way from Cancún to Campeche.

People who like to travel, and by travel I don’t mean going on a two-week, all-inclusive holiday in a luxury resort booked through the travel agent, I mean proper travel – discovering the world, feeling like Christopher Columbus, feeling the wind in your hair, communicating with your hands and feet, not knowing what to expect and finding that quite thrilling, feeling lonely at times and being in the best company at other times, even when you don’t know one another, challenging yourself and being outside your own comfort zone. That’s the type of travel I’m talking about. For better or worse, people who like that kind of travel will have had to think about money at one time or another.