So it’s your first time at Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER?

So it’s your first time visiting Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER? Welcome!

You’ve found the best hotel in Copenhagen?

Not to worry! We’re going to get to all those questions right away.

Is it a hotel, a hostel, a boutique hotel? What should my expectations be?

Straight answer is: neither. So, what then? We are called a house, because that’s what we’re aiming to be. We took the social and bunk bed part of hostels and mixed it together with the private rooms of a hotel. That being said, the Cleaning Fairy visits private rooms every 3 days, towels and bed linens are included in the price, and our hosts are available 24/7 to meet your every need. Our rooms are fairly simple, which is a good indication that we are not a boutique hotel –  our efforts show in the ground floor where we’ve made sure you have everything you need and can easily socialize with both guests and locals.

How do I check in?

Modern times ask for modern measures. Right after booking you will receive a confirmation email where you have the possibility to check in online and update your details via the big blue button at the end of the email. We advise you to do that! At 1 pm on the day of arrival, you will receive your room details via email which you can use to access your room after 3 pm. This allows you to avoid queuing at our check in counters or having to wait to get to your room. Please remember that we don’t accept cash; payment should be made before you arrive. If you for some reason didn’t receive your booking details in an email, not to worry! We have check in counters in place for you to use.

urban house copenhagen

How do I get to the house?

Getting to our place from the airport is very simple. All you gotta do is get on a train riding towards the Central Station (Øresundståg or ØR), takes about 15 minutes to get to the Central Station, where you should get off. Here you can check below how to get to our place. The entire trip should last around 20 minutes, and it costs 36 Danish Kroner.
urban house copenhagen

Who do I ask for help?

If you haven’t met them yet, our Urban Family members are there to help with any question or issue you might have. So if you are missing something, or would like a recommendation for what to do tonight, they’re the ones to ask.

Urban House staff

Check-in & check-out time?

Check-in is from 3 pm, check-out is until 11 am (along with all your luggage); there is no check-out procedure, once the time comes, you can just leave your room. Same goes for checking in: if you have received the room number and door code, you can go straight to your room without stopping at the Welcome Desk. Good news is we have lockers on location which you can use to leave your bags and explore the city. Plus, there’s a ton of things you can do around the house: we have screens all over, a pool table, a spacey lounge, a library .. the list goes on.


We have wifi all over the house, both common areas and rooms. Plus, we have a pretty nifty mobile page that you can access as soon as you connect to our wifi, which gives you access to all sorts of helpful tips, links you up to our events and gives you the possibility to chat with other guests. This mobile page is also connected to the Live Walls that you will see around the ground floor on the several screens we have where anyone can share a public. If you need some guidance with it or can’t find the page, ask an Urban Family member!

Urban Bar

A fabulous bar will be waiting for you downstairs once you’re done settling into your room. Happy Hour is between 7 and 9 pm, and we have some pretty cool house cocktails inspired by the urban concept: the Urban Passion, Love Juice or Green Escape. Not to mention the tasty burgers we prepare in the back of our own kitchen. Grab a bag of morning sunshine between 7 and 11 am: a mix of fresh fruit, yogurt, juice, the classic Danish bun, butter and cold cuts combo – and a fresh cuppa Joe, for 75 DKK to stay (65 DKK when pre-booked on our website), 40 DKK to go.

urban bar

Bike shop, Laundry room, Self-service kitchen

So many things to choose from. You can rent a bike when get to us; the Wash&Watch can be used with the help of the hosts, and the self service kitchen is open until 10 pm. Then you have the lounge room, the pool table, library … discover everything once you get here!

Walking Tours

If you’d like to join a tour and discover Copenhagen, we’ve got good news. There’s a daily tour pick up from our place at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm that takes you on a Free Walking Tour with Sandemans Free Walking Tours around Copenhagen. For those who are looking for a tour off the beaten track and into the wild, even better. Check out the Alternative Tour running from Friday to Monday from 3 pm; the tour starts at the Baresso Cafe next to the Central Station (Bernstorffsgade 4) and takes you through Vesterbro and Christiania. Finally, for the hungry ones, there’s a Danish Food Tour every Friday and Saturday from 2:30 pm.

What to do in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a fun city, there are so many things to do and places to see. Use our mobile app to find some hip places to go to around Vesterbro. We even went ahead and wrote a blog post about our favorite places around Vesterbro.


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