MEININGER cookbook: starters

MEININGER cookbook: starters

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15 years of MEININGER – that’s also 15 years of guest cuisine. And to mark this very special anniversary, we would like to treat you to 15 dishes that have been developed and rustled up for you by two teams of professional chefs. The MEININGER locations from Amsterdam to Salzburg form the focus of the ten main courses. They are complemented with starters and desserts – to ensure nothing is missing during the festivities. The dishes were of course prepared in the MEININGER guest kitchen. For with just a few simple tricks, gourmet meals can also effortlessly be conjured up in our guest kitchens – our professional chefs have provided impressive proof of this. Besides the locations, we also specified that the dishes should follow our MEININGER philosophy of being unconventional.
Regional cuisine and products are prepared and cooked using modern techniques. We wish you a wonderful time on your culinary journey through the MEININGER cities and trying out our recipes – bon appétit!








Classic hit

4 cl gin
1 cl cointreau
2 cl freshly pressed lemon juice
1 cl raspberry juice


Modern twist

3 cl vodka
1 cl cointreau
1 cl freshly pressed lime juice
3 cl cranberry juice


Add the ingredients to the cocktail mixer with ice and shake. Strain into pre-cooled martini glasses.




Mango chilli soup with coconut and prawns

For 4 persons





Mango puree 700 ml
Coconut milk 1 l
Vegetable stock 250 ml
Chillies 1-2
Butter 150 g
Shallots 2
King prawns 8
Garlic Cloves 4
Sugar 1½ tsp
Rosemary, thyme
Salt, pepper



Dice the shallots and sweat in a pan with a little butter. Add the sugar. Coarsely chop the chillies and add to the pan. Quench with vegetable stock and bring to the boil briefly.

Add the mango puree and coconut milk, and leave to simmer on a low heat. Take the pan off the heat after about seven minutes and puree. Season with salt and pepper to taste and keep warm.

Wash the prawns and dab dry. Crush the garlic by hand or using the side of a knife. Melt the butter and garlic in a warm pan and allow to heat up briefly. Fry the prawns with rosemary and thyme, season with salt and pepper.



Vegetarian salad:

Artichokes-Endive-Salad with Teriyaki-Dressing

For 4 persons





Artichokes 8
Lemon juice 300 ml
Fresh lemon 1
Olive oil 2–3 tbsp
Teriyaki sauce 150 ml
Cane sugar 4–5 tbsp
Endive 1 head
Sakura cress 1 box
Butter 200 g
Salt 3 tbsp
Sea salt, pepper



Wash the endive and set aside to dry.

Cut the stems and upper halves off the artichokes, then remove the leaves from the outside so that only the artichoke bottoms remain.

Add 200 ml of lemon juice, the cane sugar and salt to the cooking water. Place the artichoke hearts in the simmering water and cook until soft. Cut the artichoke hearts into bite-sized triangles and fry in butter. Now add the cane sugar and allow to caramelise. Quench with teriyaki sauce.

Arrange the pieces of artichoke on the plates. Select the best endive tips to garnish the artichokes.

Drizzle over the sauce from the pan as salad dressing. Add a little cress for visual effect and the secret flavour. Season with coarse sea salt, pepper, olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

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