Staff tips: Anika from Berlin

Staff tips: Anika from Berlin

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What’s your name and where do you work at MEININGER?
My name is Anika and I have worked for MEININGER since 2012. To date, I have got very far “with” MEININGER, and have been able to gain countless impressions of the different departments at the MEININGER Hotel in my first year here. I am currently working as senior receptionist at the MEININGER Hotel Berlin Airport.


What is guests’ most frequently asked question?
Most guests ask us how they can best reach the city centre, or the quickest way to the airport first thing in the morning. We also often explain how to use and purchase BVG travel tickets for the local transport network.


What is typical of Berlin?
The open-minded, friendly Berlin manner. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve here, but they always mean it in a very friendly way. Typical Berlin Currywurst, from the famous Curry 36 on Mehringdamm. This take-away food stand features in absolutely every TV report and travel guide on Berlin as the most famous of the Currywurst stands. We can also recommend Berliner Weiße, which is a wheat beer typically drunk flavoured with a shot of raspberry or woodruff syrup.




What should visitors to Berlin definitely do whilst in the city?
Berlin has as many bridges as Venice, which also means a lot of water. Exploring the city by steam boat is always a highlight. The city has a great many renowned museums – in fact, it even has some twice (from the days when there was one in East Berlin and one in West Berlin). The Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag, of course. The TV Tower on Alexanderplatz, from which stunning all-round views can be enjoyed over Berlin. I also highly recommend the sightseeing tour that starts at the main railway station. The Reichstag is just 10 minutes away, and you can then walk on to the Brandenburg Gate before continuing along Unter den Linden boulevard, which is adorned with beautiful lights in the run-up to Christmas.




What would be your insiders’ tip for visitors to Berlin?
Most guests ask us for “insiders’ tips” of where the locals go. I mostly answer that it depends what they are into, though I always recommend Simon-Dach-Straße, which is near Warschauer Straße. Everything comes together here in a huge melting pot of different cultures – it’s very multicultural. The food court on the fifth floor of the KaDeWe is another good tip. This large department store lies in the west of the city and could perhaps be likened to Harrods in London. The food court is definitely worth seeing and experiencing!

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