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The whole world is celebrating the World Cup in Brazil and everyone is looking forward to exciting games and maybe the victory for his country. For everybody, who wants to show their football knowledge, we offer a bet and win. Bet with others and get the chance to win prizes. For real football lovers we offer goal wall shooting.

There are just some questions: Where should you watch the games? What are the best places with the best view and the best atmosphere? Where can you celebrate the victory or cry together after a loss? Public screening is the answer! Even though you could watch the games in our hotels, for example there is a huge screen in our MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station. But if you like to celebrate and cross your fingers with many other people, than you have to go to a public screening. We show you the best places in the big cities.


There will be a huge fan festival at Heiligengeistfeld in Hamburg. Up to 70.000 Fans can watch the games and party together. Plus: The entrance is free. But you can not only watch the games, you could also play Human Table Soccer.

There is no huge Fanmeile, but there are few possibilities to watch the games – besides bars and pubs. For example you can go to the beer garden at Aachener Weiher or to the city park and watch the game on two screens.

Who has never heard of it? The Fanmeile in Berlin is well-known! It is the biggest public screening in Germany and offers space for many hundred thousand people. Tourists and locals – both football lovers –watch the game and party together. But: the early bird catches the worm; try to be at the Fanmeile as early as possible.

Watch football in a football stadium! Is there anything better? In Munich you can go to the Olympia stadium and watch the games in a special atmosphere. But there is one catch: You have to pay for the entrance. But we are sure: The fun you’ll have will compensate the price.

The soccer player do their bests, you can stay comfortable at the public screening in Frankfurt and cheer for your team. The biggest public screening of Hesse takes place in Frankfurt with a big fan fest and the biggest screen worldwide with 400 qm!

There is no huge public screening in Amsterdam, but the city offers several possibilities to spend the games with other people in good company. Our tipp: Behind the Heineken experience in the Pjip disctrict you find the Heineikenplein with the largest number of bars and restaurants per square meter in the Netherlands. There you find surely a bar to watch the games in a great atmosphere.

There is no huge public screening in London. Our tip: The octoberfest pub shows all the games from England and Germany. Another famous football pub is the Gloucester Arm – and it is just a 5 minutes walk from our MEININGER Hotel London Hyde Park.

There are big and small public screening in almost every city. Of course, you can watch the games in bars or pubs, too. But sometimes it can be very difficult to get a free seat in the small locations. That’s why we recommend: Watch the game at the MEININGER Hotel. We offer drinks and you can watch the games with other guests in our lobby!

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