Required Reading and Sweepstake: Inside Utopia

Inside Utopia

Inside Utopia

Visionary Interiors and Futuristic Homes


For those living through the depressing post-war period of the 1950s, dreams and thoughts of a bright future were a logical consequence. People were fed up with their simple lifestyles and of having to be content with their routine of a stable 9-5 job followed by a glass of whiskey in the evening. Change was in the air. As the world and people’s lives gained more stability, the wish for a more hedonistic approach to things arose. Expression was the catchword of the decade, quirkiness and dreams of a wild and radical future were the order of the day. Designers and architects channelled these ideas, and as a result cars, movies, books, and houses started to look like props straight out of a science fiction film. The dreams of visionaries found their canvas in everyday objects. In a world where nobody wanted to live in the present, the future seemed like a great escape for mind and body.


Inside Utopia perfectly captures the spirit of this time and design period. It is headed by a brief introductory foray into the architecture and interior design history of the 20th century, providing an easy entry point for both newbies and pros and shedding light on the formative conditions of this visionary architectural style. Divided into four parts that represent different trends within the wide field of utopian architecture, the book deals with mid-century modern architecture, interior decoration, organicism, the space age, radical design, and brutalism, while highlighting each movement’s unique characteristics. It is easy to read up on a specific movement you’re interested in by skipping to the respective chapter. On the other hand, you can follow the book’s golden thread and learn about the architectural trends in logical order. Filled to the brim with colourful full-page images of inspirational interiors, Inside Utopia is not only an aesthetic coffee table book, but also an educational collection that never ceases to inspire with every page you turn.


Alongside to the showcases of extraordinary homes – ranging from skyscraper apartments to hobbit-holes in the middle of a meadow – the book also features portraits of the outstanding minds that designed them: among them minimalist Luis Barragán, space cowboy Vernon Panton, organicism pioneer Bruce Goff, and the establisher of a new classic Gio Ponti. Even though you might not have heard these names before, their idealistic, utopian, and futuristic thinking was groundbreaking at the time, laid the foundations for our current living concepts, and still inspires today. Many of their works were inaccessible until now and can be seen for the first time in Inside Utopia.


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