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    • I am a MEININGER

      MEININGER employees are MEININGER. Just like the company itself, they are astute, lively, and want to learn and grow. From the kitchen help to the hotel manager. At MEININGER everything is possible. If you have what it takes, bring a sense of fun and passion, and are loyal and tolerant, then what are you waiting for!

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    • Training at MEININGER

      The MEININGER hotel group has many opportunities for newcomers to the hotel and tourism industry.


    • MEININGER is young, dynamic and growing. We need people with initiative and energy who are open and can break new ground, people who can come up with unconventional solutions - loyal people who enjoy their work, just like we do.

      Everyone is different , thinks differently and acts differently – we are different! ... More ›››

    • What information do you need? Click here to go to the MEININGER online application…