Berlin Festival – No wrist, no fun

Once a year a visit to Berlin gets even more popular: At the beginning of September the Berlin festival takes place! It usually took part at the former airport field in Temeplhof, but now it takes place in the middle of the city in the district Treptow next to Kreuzberg. You can party three days and nights to different kind of musics on small or big stages! There is one huge hall with the Warsteiner Mainstage, a small hall – the glashouse- and many little stages. Club der Visionäre, Badeschiff and White Trash Fast Food are three places to party. We attended the festival and give you 11 reasons to be part of the festival next year.

1) right in the middle
Most of the times festivals take place in fringe areas and you have to incur long ways. But the Berlin festival takes place in the middle of the city. The area is definitely worth a visit. It is not really an insider tip, because every weekend many locals and tourists meet there to party all night long. Many small clubs directly at the Spree, the burger restaurant White Trash Fast Food with its little stage and the huge arena hall – the area has everything you need for an awesome party. And it has good traffic connections: No matter if you go there by train, tube or bus, it is just a short ride – especially from our MEININGER hotels. 

2) Cat content live
The first thing you see when you enter the festival is a huge cat. Or is a fox? You can paint it and so it becomes and individual piece of art. Do not forget to awake your inner cat: design your own cat mask!



3) Discover the artist in you
Go crazy and paint! Walls and container can be painted by you. No matter if you prefere cute coloured bears or musical statements – the festival is your artist’s workshop!



4) Swimming on the Spree
You feel sweaty after dancing during the concert? We have an unique solution: the Badeschiff, the most stylish swimming pool in Berlin. It is located directly on the spree and it is definitely worth to wait in the queue.

5) Be a child again
Welcome to the circus! There is a stage with experimental dances and a wizard with cool tricks to attract spectators. You can behave like a child and enjoy the entertaining shows!

6) It’s all about art
Take a rest at the art cinema and watch the shows on screen. Or take a look at all the art around you: coloured walls, special lamps, bright trees and so on! 



7) Hipster and styler
The people who attend the festivals are personal work of arts: No matter if they wear a silver dress in latex, a golden suit made from thousand of sequins or are costumed as monkeys – You can see the wildest costumes at the Berlin festival. You always want to be a glitter fary? Then you have to go to the “transformation machine”. The cat masks are for free for every visitor. Please do not worry if you see a lot of glitter cats throwing confetti and dancing all night long.

Berlin_Festival_7 Berlin_Festival_8


8) Shop till you drop
Of course there are the typical shops for all festival lovers. Merchandise articles are the musthave this weekend and you can see a lot of people with their “Kater Diem” – bags. But you can also shop individual shirts and jewellery.



9) Eat, eat, eat
Normally the food is not the best at fesitvals. But you should try one of the food they offer at the Berlin Festival. Many different burgers, pasta, pizza, Falafel, Chinese food and special German meat specialities are waiting for you. If you want even more, just take a walk outside the Festival area. There are a lot of different restaurants and snacks in this district.

10) music music music
No matter what time it is: there is music everytime and everywhere. You meet electro beats, hiphop and indiepop, newcomers and celebrities at the Berlin festival. If you want to see an act in a smaller location, be on time! Our tip: Take a look at bands you normally would not listen to. Sometimes you discover new favorites and maybe you have the time of your life. And tell me: is there any better place where you listen to German HipHop at noon, to poppy indierock in the evening and electro beats at night?

Berlin_Festival_3 Berlin_Festival_4


11) Early bird or night owl
Are you one of these guys who get out of bed and are full of energy? Or do your day normally starts not until sunset? No matter what you prefer: Berlin festival is the right place for you. It starts in the early evening and you can party til next morning. Here the clocks tick differently and nobody wants to leave this place at 3a.m. as you can listen to music and party nonstop.

There is no camping site and the festivals takes place in the centre of Berlin but it is still a festivals with all the typical pros and cons. Expensive drinks, sweaty rooms and loud music pumping in your ears all the time are part of the whole festival experience. Our tips: Use earplugs, put shirts to changes in the lockers, eat and drink enough! But the most important tip: Have fun and enjoy the festival! We are sure you’ll have a blast!

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