Hipster Cup Festival in Berlin

Every year in summer thousands of hipsters and wannabes meet to celebrate a huge party. One that shouldn’t be taken too serious but is fun to watch or participate at the same time! The hipster cup festival is an annual festival that brings together thousands of hipsters to southern Berlin to celebrate a huge daylong party every July. And in between different sport disciplines take place where hipsters can show what they really got. The disciplines are more fun than serious but it’s great to see with how much passion those participating are putting into the whole thing!

5 Hipster Cup Disciplines to try at home:

1. iPhone Throwing
Imagine a group of hipsters lining up and, believe it or not, trying to throw iPhones as far as possible. I know what you think but I can comfort you a little, they aren’t real!However, the guys and girls put in a lot of energy. The only rule was to throw them from below and swinging their arms not higher than their waist! At the end a group of guys won this discipline by throwing their iPhones about 30 meters far!




2. Jute bag jumping
A classic from last years hipster cup. Besides their iPhones, hipsters just love their jute bags and this is why they had to team up for the traditional jute bag jumping. It seemed to be a very hard discipline, since the jute bags aren’t too big and, in case you are tall, only go until your knees and don’t offer too much support to jump around. The technique at the end defined the winner. Better to do quick short jumps than slow far jumps.




3. Deer-Gliding
Not sure what deer gliding has to do with being a hipster but this was a fun competition with a lot of cheering for the competitors. The aim is to glide as far as possible on a prepared and wet track on a deer. The lighter you are the easier it is!




4. Mustach-Riding
Know bull riding? Well try to ride a mustache… mo’s are unpredictable and it isn’t that easy to ride a mo for longer than 30 seconds. The winner rode the mo for 1:30 minutes! Impressive!




5. Skinny Jeans Skipping
Another classic! Bunch of hipsters rode skipping with skinny jeans and having the time of their life. Some of them seemed to be pro’s doing this and I’m sure it wasn’t the first time that they tried this!



Overall the hipster festival is a fun festival that shouldn’t be taken too serious. It is well organized with great DJ’s and bands and some really fun competitions. There is even a little design market and the atmosphere is very relaxed and fun with awesome people! Definitely one of the most unusual things to do when visiting Berlin!


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