Exploring the world and experiencing community at the same time: These values form the basis of the partnership between MEININGER Hotels and Red Bull.

To Berlin in seven days with Red Bull cans as the only currency

MEININGER Hotels is the official hospitality partner of Red Bull Can You Make It? 2024, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for adventure seekers from around the world. It's offering rooms in four starting cities for participants of the event and Red Bull employees. In Milan, Copenhagen, Budapest, and Amsterdam, the respective MEININGER Hotels are the starting point for the participating teams of three. Here, they'll be welcomed and briefed before the exciting journey across Europe begins. The teams will then try to reach the finish line in Berlin in just seven days, using only Red Bull cans as currency.

Who arrives in Berlin first is not the deciding factor; the teams will be judged on three factors:

  1. number of challenges at specified checkpoints across several countries in Europe,

  1. completed tasks on the adventure challenge list,

  1. sharing their adventures on their social media channels and www.redbullcanyoumakeit.com.

The daily experiences therefore count more than being the fastest team. MEININGER Hotels will also accommodate the teams and Red Bull employees in the destination city of Berlin, providing rooms in four hotels across the city center.

Discovering & supporting community: Values that unite

Community is a top priority at MEININGER Hotels. Its facilities offer a variety of opportunities for one to socialize with other guests; if desired. Almost every MEININGER hotel has a game zone with a selection of board and card games, a pool table, and table football. Other good meeting spots are the guest kitchen or the bar, where guests can relax, enjoy the company of others, or start an exciting night out. "MEININGER Hotels guests are curious explorers, and we support them in getting the most out of their trip. Our hotels are places where exciting moments begin. They are the base to start explorations and they allow experiencing this in a community. We're delighted that we can also be this base for the Red Bull Can You Make It? candidates, in line with our slogan "Step out and Explore". Experiencing adventure, discovering the world, and doing so as a team; that's what Red Bull stands for, just like MEININGER Hotels," says Ajit Menon, CEO of MEININGER Hotels.

Red Bull Can You Make It? - that's what it's about:

Red Bull Can You Make It? challenges teams of 3 to the adventure of a lifetime. Teams from all over the world have seven days to travel across Europe using only cans of Red Bull as currency. Viewers can follow the teams' journey on the official Red Bull Can You Make It? website. The teams will earn points by completing numerous checkpoint and adventure challenges in different European countries to secure first place on the leaderboard. It's not about being the first team to reach the finish line; it's about the adventures along the way.

This journey is about using wits, charm, and strategy to answer one important question: Can You Make It?

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