Best Things To Do In Cologne

Best Things To Do In Cologne

The Japanese are allegedly the most likely to succumb to the so-called ‘Paris Syndrome’. The metropolis by the Seine is, due to its heavily romanticized image as the city of love, art and elegant savoir-vivre, often held up to such high expectations that visitors are almost bound to be disappointed. In Cologne, however, the situation is the exact opposite. Germany’s fourth largest city almost always sells itself short. So you’d be surprised…

Belgisches Bier

Belgian beer in Brussels

Few things are generally agreed upon in the Belgian country of controversy. But that Belgium is a land of beer and that the capital of Brussels is an exciting reflection of the domestic beer culture is not up for debate anywhere in the kingdom. With more than 500 kinds of beer – from the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ to the ‘Delirium Tremens’ – Belgium has preserved its medieval brewing traditions, which means that the joyous juices sometimes taste as sophisticated as wine and at other times are as sparkly as champagne.