10 Tips for a Sustainable Stay

How to be a more responsible traveler and take better care of our planet 

Hey, eco-conscious travelers! While there might not be a magic potion to achieve an entirely green getaway (because, let’s face it, every vacation leaves even a little environmental footprint behind), there are definitely ways we can plan our trips with a more sustainable swagger. 

10 tips for a sustainable hotel stay by MEININGER Hotels that will help protect our planet 


#1 Room cleaning upon request 🌎

We’ve got some fantastic news to share straight from the heart of MEININGER Hotels! We’ve implemented a “Room cleaning upon request” service across all our vibrant locations to significantly reduce water consumption and cleaning detergents during your stay. By shifting the gears from daily cleaning to a “request-only” basis, we can minimize the environmental impact of your stay.  

Of course, we assure you that every nook and cranny in your room is thoroughly cleaned before your arrival and after your departure meeting all health and safety standards. This will contribute towards a sustainable stay!

Sustainable Travel Tips - use reusable water bottle

#2 Reusable water bottle & coffee mug 💧

Say hello to refillable bottles and coffee mugs. It’s a no-brainer, really. By ditching single-use plastics, you’re doing your part to save our beautiful planet and your hard-earned cash while you’re at it. 

Here’s the scoop: our properties have tap water that’s good enough to drink. Not enough luggage space to carry your own bottle? Many of our locations offer rental options for a small fee. Just think of ReCup, available in all German MEININGER hotels

Sustainable Travel Tips - use reusable bag

#3 Reusable bags 🛍️

Make a reusable bag your new bestie, so that you can shop while avoiding plastic bags. Reusable tote bags last forever and there are a lot of trendy options out there. Some of our faves are Baggu, Susan Bijl and Loqi

Sustainable Travel Tips - Buy local

#4 Go local 🥕

Get your shopping groove on! Hunt down charming local shops and funky farmer’s markets for awesome crafts, souvenirs, and mouthwatering local treats. Embrace the magic of finding unique goodies and devouring the flavors of the season. 

Sustainable Travel Tips - Use pulbic transport

#5 Use public transport or rent a bike 🚲   

Hop on a bike or use public transport to unlock the magic of the city you’re visiting while saving the planet. And guess what? At MEININGER Hotels, we’ve got your back with bike rentals and public transport tickets. Just swing by the reception and let our lovely team hook you up. Let’s pedal our way to a greener future and breeze through the traffic! 

#6 Combine work & play 💻    

Have you already planned a business or bleisure trip? You can extend it by adding some extra days and combine work with holidays. This way, you cut down on carbon emissions, reduce your environmental footprint and adopt a more sustainable way of vacationing. Ready for a stay in eco-friendly style?

#7 Deliciously sustainable ♻️  

Seek out farm-to-table restaurants, indulge in organic delights, and support businesses that prioritize sustainable practices. It’s a win-win.

#8 Mindful eating, anyone? 🥦

While you don’t have to swear off meat entirely, simply cutting back or even embracing more plant-based products like vegan milk, cheese, and more can make a world of difference for our planet. And there’s more—fight food waste like a champion and you’ll be an eco-hero in zero time.

Sustainable Travel Tips

#9 The power of switching off 💡  

Save energy, extend battery life! Remember to turn off devices like the TV when not in use and unplug them once fully charged. It’s a simple way to be eco-friendlier and keep your devices running smoothly. 

Sustainable Travel Tips

#10 Splash & save 🚿 

It’s time to make a splash for sustainability. Did you know that water goes through quite a journey before it reaches your showerhead? From treatment to transportation and heating, it takes a lot of effort and energy. Keep those showers shorter and cooler. Always remember to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth to save water. And choose products without microplastics. It’s time to make a big difference starting with small actions! 

What is MEININGER Hotels doing to be sustainable?

Our sustainability journey

By following eco-friendly practices and minimizing our environmental impact, we know that every small step counts, and we’re proud of the changes we’ve made so far.

From reducing plastic waste and saving energy to sourcing locally and supporting community initiatives, we’re committed to being more mindful and making a positive impact in the world.

👉 Meet our sustainability program

In this MEININGER article focused on sustainable travel tips, we’ve gathered some useful tips to travel sustainably as well as some rad ideas for you to become the ultimate responsible wanderer!

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