Fun Facts Berlin

10 Interesting Fun Facts about Berlin

Berlin, the capital of diversity and freedom. It’s a city which sets trends, there is always something new to discover there, the reason why people keep coming back to Berlin, you just can’t be bored here. Without further ado, we are bringing you the ten most interesting facts about Berlin, happy reading!

Berlin Mitte - Interesting facts about Berlin

Fun Facts Berlin

#1 Berlin is nine times bigger than Paris

But Berlin is not so crowded as Paris. While Berlin has 4k inhabitants per square km, Paris has 21K inhabitants per square km. That’s why Berlin feels even more spacious!

#2 The longest open-air gallery in the world

The East Side Gallery is 1,316 meters long and showcases over 100 murals from artists all over the world. The most photographed mural is the ‘Fraternal Kiss’, which features the former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and the former leader of the GDR Erich Honecker. The gallery is located on the banks of the Spree in Friedrichshain where remains of the Berlin Wall can be found, right across one of our hotels in Berlin.

Berlin Wall - Fun Facts about Berlin

#3 More museums than rainy days

There are 180 museums in Berlin and on average 106 rainy days. The most intriguing museums on the list to visit are: Hamburger Bahnhof, Sammlung Boros, Gropius-Bau, König Galerie and Berlinische Galerie.

#4.473 km – the length of the Berlin public transport system

Berlin’s transport system is so long that it actually travels 8.7 times around the planet Earth each day. Add another 120 km of tram lines and you have one of the most impressive public transportation systems in the world! Just for the comparison, Paris has 214 km of public transit and London 400 km.

Fun Facts Berlin

#5 The most visited Zoo in Europe

The Berlin Zoo houses over 20,000 animals and 1,300 different species on an area of 82 acres. It offers fun activities for both young and older visitors and allows some interactions with animals. Our hotel in Berlin Tiergarten is very close to the Berlin Zoological Garden, it will take you only 10 minutes to reach it with metro.

#6 Approximately 950 Döner spits are eaten every day

On average, each Döner spit has around 63 kg meat which means 60 tones of meat is eaten in a single day. The Berlin Döner was adapted from Turkish style kebabs, differences in the use of pita bread, spiced meats and sauces.

#7 Berlin has more bridges than Venice

There are around 1,700 of bridges in Berlin. The most famous one and the pretties is the Oberbaumbrücke between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, not so far away from our hotel on the East Side Gallery. It is also known that Berlin has more waterways than Amsterdam, Stockholm and Venice together. So, jump on a boat and explore Berlin from another perspective!

Fun facts berlin

#8 1,000 Spätis (late-night stores) all around Berlin

There is a Späti in nearly every corner of Berlin. The concept of Späti started in East Germany where it was designed to cater the needs of late-night workers who were not able to buy essentials during the day. Today, Berliners can’t imagine life without a Späti, where you can buy drinks or whatever you need at any time of a day or night just around your corner!

#9 Capital of the dog lovers

In 2011, Berlin was voted as the Germany’s most dog-friendly city, you can take your furry friend almost everywhere! There are more than 200.000 dogs in Berlin. There are 114,968 registered dogs (yes, you need to register your dog in Germany and pay taxes) and counting also the unregistered dogs, the estimations would go above 200.000 dogs. We at MEININGER Hotels love your 4-legged friends, feel free to bring them with you when staying with us!

#10 Berliner relationship status: Single

Study from the 2015 showed that one in every two Berliners is single or at least not married. It’s well known that Berliners hate Spiessigkeit (squareness), want to be free and are open to everything. Especially younger generations, who believe that marriage is not necessary for a happy life.

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