Fun Facts London

10 Facts About London You Probably Didn’t Know

London, the capital city of England is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world. We are bringing you some fun facts about London, the second most-visited city in the world.

#1 Oldest Subway in the World

London Underground was opened in 1863 for locomotive trains. In 1890, it became the world’s first metro system when electric trains began operating.

#2 Big Ben it’s not the name of London’s Iconic Tower

Big Ben is the name for the massive 13 tons bell inside the clock tower and the name of the tower is Elizabeth Tower!

Fun Facts London

#3 Where did the Beatles Live in London all together?

The only true home shared by all four Beatles was a flat at 57 Green Street near Hyde Park, where they lived in the autumn of 1963.

#4 London Eye – The Tallest Ferris Wheel in Europe

London Eye is 135 meters tall and has a diameter of 120 meters. It has 32 capsules and a ride takes 30 minutes. The entire wheel weighs more than 1,000 tons.

Fun Facts London

#5 How do we know when the Queen is in Buckingham Palace?

When the Queen is in Buckingham Palace you can see her royal flag flying from the flagpole. This flag, which is called the Royal Standard, must only be flown from buildings where the Queen is present.

#6 Tower Bridge is haunted?

The Tower Bridge is rumored to be haunted. For years, visitors have claimed sightings of a British police bobby patrolling the bridge and a woman in black roaming the night.

Fun Facts London

#7 London Cab Drivers need to memorize every single street in London

Black Cabs are very famous and part of the London culture, you can see them everywhere. But to become a Black Cab driver is not so easy. Typically, the training last for 2 to 4 years and candidates must memorize every single street in London.

Fun Facts London

#8 Once the Polar Bear swam in the River Thames

In 1251, Henry III was given a polar bear by the King of Norway. Henry III kept the bear in the Tower of London, it had a long chain so that he could swim in the River Thames.

#9 The Houses of Parliament is the largest palace in the UK

The Houses of Parliament, officially known as the Palace of Westminster, has eight bars, six restaurants, 1,000 rooms, 100 staircases, 11 courtyards, a hair salon, and a rifle-shooting range.

Fun Facts about London

#10 Say Cheese!

Each Englishman is daily photographed on 50 street surveillance cameras and the least 15 photos of tourists.

Fun Facts London: FAQs

How did London get its name?

London got its name from the Romans, who named it Londinium when they established a settlement here in AD 43.

What are some of the oldest landmarks in London?

The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey are among the city's oldest landmarks. The Tower was founded towards the end of 1066, while Westminster Abbey was consecrated in 1065.

Is London one of the most multicultural cities in the world?

Yes, London is considered one of the most multicultural cities globally, with over 300 languages spoken by its residents. This diversity greatly influences the city's culture, cuisine, and overall vibrancy.

What is special about the British Museum in London?

The British Museum in London is one of the oldest and most renowned museums in the world. It was established in 1753 and houses a vast collection of world art and artefacts, including the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles.

Is London known for any particular cuisine or dish?

London is well-known for its traditional British cuisine, including dishes such as fish and chips, bangers and mash, and Sunday roast. However, its culinary scene is also a reflection of the city's multicultural diversity, offering a wide range of global cuisines.

How is London significant to the fashion world?

London is one of the "Big Four" fashion capitals of the world, alongside Paris, Milan, and New York. It is renowned for its distinctive street style and hosts the biannual London Fashion Week, one of the high-profile fashion events globally.

What is the importance of the River Thames in London?

The River Thames, the longest river in England, is a central feature of London. It has played a crucial role in the city's history and development, and many of London's major landmarks, such as the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London, are situated along its banks.

What is unique about the London Underground?

The London Underground, also known as "The Tube," is the world's oldest underground railway system. It opened in 1863 and now serves millions of passengers each day across 11 lines.

Why is Greenwich, London, important to global timekeeping?

Greenwich is home to the Royal Observatory, where the Prime Meridian Line (0° longitude) is located. This line divides the eastern and western hemispheres and serves as the reference point for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Are there any famous personalities born in London?

London has been the birthplace of many famous personalities, including authors like Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf, musicians like David Bowie and Adele, and historical figures like Sir Winston Churchill.

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