Discovering Rome with children

The Best Things to do in Rome with kids

The gladiators, the Colosseum, the „Bocca della verita“, the Bioparc, The Trevi Fountain…there is so much to see in this eternal city, that has over 2000 years of history. For century Rome was called „Caput Mundi“, the center of the earth, where power, richness, and culture melted together to create one of the most beautiful and historic cities of the world.

Rome is so famous, that surely every child has already heard about it and would be happy to finally discover this city and all its mystery!

I recommend you to plan at least a full week to see the city, but if don’t have so much time, here you can find the most interesting things to visit with the whole family. Don’t be afraid of the size of the town! You can actually visit Rome completely on foot or by bus and underground.

The only thing you should keep in mind is to go already in the morning to the most famous spots since the afternoon could get really crowded.

Rome with kids – What to do?

#1 Colosseum and Fori Imperiali

You can not say you have been to Rome if you didn’t see the Colosseum! This is the most famous spot in Italy, and surely one of the most known in the world. In ancient Rome, the Colosseum was a sort of arena, where instead of playing football, the gladiators challenged each other or had to battle against big animals, like lions and tigers. Really curious is the fact that one in a while the Colosseum was also used for battleship! To do that, the Romans filled the arena with water and had ships navigate on it.

From the Colosseum you can take a pedestrian road, overlooking the famous Fori Imperiali.

#2 Bocca della Veritá

Rome with Kids

From the Colosseum, you can walk towards the Tevere (Rome’s river) and go to the „Bocca della veritá“. This is a must when you are in Rome with your children! Once you are here, you have to put your hand inside the giant mouth and the legend says that it will eat your hand if you are a liar! Looking at your scared children’s expression while they put their hands inside the mouth will surely be really funny!  Will they have the courage to do that?

Near the Bocca della Veritá there is the Circo Massimo. The Romans used this arena for carriage-race. Now has become a large park.

#3 Fontana die Trevi

Rome with Kids

There is plenty of movies, where people throw a coin inside this enormous fountain. So you already know what you have to do when you are in front of it! If you do this, you can be certain that you will come back to this city once again. Besides this, this fountain is just a masterpiece to look at and is for sure one of the most beautiful spring in the world.

The 6-meter tall statue represents the God of the ocean, which is carried in a large shell by two seahorse and tritons. This place can be really crowded, but make you sure you find a quiet spot to admire the fountain and of course to throw the coin inside it! Just to make sure that you will come to Rome again.

#4 Piazza di Spagna

If you are not tired yet and want to discover more about the city, you have to go to Piazza di Spagna. You can reach this place by walking along Via del Corso, a famous shopping road (here you can find also a Disney Store!). Here you will see another famous fountain: the Barcaccia of Bernini and the iconic stairs with the Trinitá die Monti on his back.

#5 The Pantheon

Rome with Kids

Visiting the Pantheon is really nice and you can show your children a real engineering masterpiece. This is a really big round temple with a hemispheric cupola. And this is the magic of this place: the only light inside the temple come from an opening at the ceiling, which is called „oculus“. This opening measure 9 meters of diameter.

The legend says that this oculus was created from the devil, trying to escape from God. But legend apart, we surely ask ourselves what happens when it rains. Well, the floor of the temple is slightly convex and when it rains the water is also captured from holes on the floor.

#6 Bioparco

Every city has a big biopark or a zoo, so also Rome has one. The park is located in a big green area inside the Villa Borghese and was created in the year 1908 with the purpose of protecting endangered species.

This park is the perfect spot to recover from walking in Rome and spend some quiet time with the children. If you go here on Saturday or Sunday you can also feed the animals, a really interesting experience for the children.

If you are to tired to walk, you can visit the park on board of the „Bioparco Express“, a little train that will bring you along the park. If the weather is good, I also recommend you to bring something to eat and to have a picnic with the whole family!


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