Best Festivals in Amsterdam 2023

As a cultural urban hub, Amsterdam is known around the world for so many things: art, architecture, bike riding, tulips, picturesque canals, and more. You’ll never run out of activities and places to check out.  Plus, the Netherlands’ capital hosts a huge variety of annual festivals and events which add to the overall city-buzz. So, whether you got your heart set on art, music, food, theater or cinema, Amsterdam’s diverse cultural calendar has your back year-round. 

From fun canal parades all the way to megahit music festivals in large-scale venues, hurry up and read our seasonal guide to the most popular Amsterdam Festivals 2023 edition. 📖 👇 

Seasonal guide to the most popular festivals in Amsterdam, 2023 edition 📖 👇 

Best Festivals in Amsterdam for Spring 2023 🌼  

Best Festivals in Amsterdam

#1 Don’t Let Daddy Know Amsterdam  

An intensely high-energy, one-day global party that started from Ibiza and now hosts events in over 10 countries around the world with incredible stage-production and audiovisual effects. Join #DLDKAMSTERDAM

When: 4 March 2023  

Where: Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam 

#2 Amsterdam Coffee Festival  

Calling all caffeine lovers as well as industry professionals! This festival has it all: artisan coffee, barista demos, gourmet food-stalls, art exhibitions and live music.  

When: from 30 March to 1 April 2023 

Where: Westergas, Amsterdam 

Amsterdam Coffee Festival  

#3 Kaboom Animation Festival  

A festival for all of you, animated-film fans. Enjoy all kinds of progressive stories and interesting narratives: from experimental and playful to colorful, family-friendly ones.   

When: 24–29 March 2023 (Utrecht) & from 30 March to 2 April 2023 (Amsterdam) 

Where: various locations in Amsterdam & Utrecht  

#4 DGTL Festival 

“There’s a place on the dancefloor. Under the deep bass, guided by the rhythm. When a thousand strangers become one, I come home.” 

What started as a purely electronic festival is now spreading its wings to further musical and artistic adventures. Get ready to discover ultra-new sounds and let yourself be guided by the rhythm: from popular and underground techno to visual-art installations and much more. 

When: 7–9 April 2023 

Where: NDSM Docklands, Amsterdam 

#5 Spring Break Amsterdam  

Established in 2015, this is a multi-venue electronic music festival that takes after the American tradition of students relaxing during their term break and quickly became a tradition for thousands of partygoers annually.  

Spring Break is an unforgettable festival experience including massive shows, day parties, club nights, boat rides, pub crawls and many more activities for you to… spring into. 

When: 9–12 April 2023 (closing party on the 12th)  

Where: Escape | AIR | Nyx | North Sea Venue, Amsterdam  

#6 King’s Day 

King’s Day (in Dutch: Koningsdag) is an annual national holiday in the Netherlands in honor of King Willem Alexander. Dress in orange (on that day… it’s a thing) and celebrate at this city-wide party the Amsterdam way. Join the festive boat parade on the canals and hundreds of other fun events out in the streets. 

When: 27 April 2023 

Where: various locations in Amsterdam 

#7 Tulp Festival Amsterdam 

Let spring into your life by joining this year’s most beautiful flower festival. Wander around tulip fields or explore more than 85 locations in the city center of Amsterdam which is literally blooming in April. It doesn’t get Dutcher than that!  

Also, keep in mind that all displays in public areas are free to enjoy. 

When: from 23 March to 14 May 2023 

Where: various locations in & near Amsterdam 

#8 Music On Festival  

Music On is an Amsterdam festival that you definitely want to check out. It curates an innovative combo of electronic, house and techno music while letting you get a sneak peek into the sounds of tomorrow. This 2-day Havenpark festival will take you to a green space with some industrial vibes: the ultimate festival location.  

When: 6–7 May 2023  

Where: Havenpark, Amsterdam 

#9 Rolling Kitchens 

The Rollende Keukens food festival offers you free entry to dozens of mobile kitchens and food trucks specializing in mouthwatering local and ethnic dishes. You’ll also listen to some great live music while food-tasting. Sounds awesome, right? 

When: 17–21 May 2023   

Where: Westerpark, Amsterdam 

Best Festivals in Amsterdam for Summer 2023 ☀️ 

Best Festivals in Amsterdam

#1 Amsterdam Art Week 

Well, where do we begin with the famous Amsterdam Art Week? You’ll have to go and see with your own eyes the cool exhibitions, screenings, performances, debates and gallery tours. Add it to your Amsterdam bucket-list! 

When: from 31 May to 4 June 2023  

Where: various galleries & project spaces in Amsterdam 

#2 Mystic Garden   

Welcome to the Mystic Garden: an enchanted world full of magical creatures, playful decor and world-class DJs where you dress up as your favorite fairytale character while getting totally mystified. Discover the magic of this Sloterpark festival during which music, inspiration and creativity join forces for 1 day.  

As the organizers of this intriguing event say on the official website: 

“It begins as the sound of far-off music echoing throughout the woods, the drums lightly beating and the violin tune. The light at the heart of the forest calling you towards it.” 

When: 17 June 2023 

Where: Sloterpark, Amsterdam  

#3 Holland Festival 

Dating all the way back to 1947, this is the Netherlands’ biggest performing-arts festival featuring countless performances including theater, visual arts, contemporary dance, opera and film.  

When: starting on 1 June 2023. The full program will be announced in March. 

Where: various locations in Amsterdam 

#4 Amsterdam Roots Festival 

Founded in 1983 as the Africa Roots Festival, this is one of the most well-established, international music and circus festivals you can join. Known as the Amsterdam Roots Festival since 1998, it highlights the great value of cultural traditions via music, performing arts, family-friendly programs, workshops and stories. 

When: [TBA] late June/ early July 2023 

Where: various locations in Amsterdam  

#5 Milkshake 

Milkshake is an inclusive, colorful festival that’s all about freedom, creativity and unlimited self-expression. 

Primarily focused on electronic dance music and dedicated to celebrating love in all its forms, this year’s edition offers you an impressive line-up of artists from multiple genres with an emphasis on EDM and hip-hop. Get ready for tons of exhilarating activities to check out. Plus, there’s a roller-disco! 

When: 29–30 July 2023  

Where: Westerpark, Amsterdam 

#6 Dekmantel 

With an outstanding line-up of up-and-coming talents and influential artists, Dekmantel is among the most prestigious and innovative EDM events of the world.  

Dekmantel Festival 2023 offers a multi-day program of exceptional music and features a massive open-air venue and a second, smaller UFO-like stage for darker and more experimental/ futuristic sounds. Welcome to the future. 

When: 2–6 August 2023  

Where: Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam 

#7 Loveland Festival 

This is a lively electronic dance festival where house meets techno music in the heart of Amsterdam. Expect an extensive line-up of techno, house and electronic music artists and DJs as well as crazy costumes, energetic dancing and lots of partygoers attending along with you.   

When: 12–13 August 2023  

Where: Sloterpark, Amsterdam  

#8 Mysteryland 

Join one of the largest music festivals dating back to 1993 and featuring over 250 artists and 100,000 people every year. Be surrounded by crystal-like ponds and forestry hills near Amsterdam and experience huge musical diversity: from house, techno, trance and trap to minimal, hardstyle, hip-hop and more.  

Get ready for outdoor dance floors, gigantic tents with LED screens, special-effect shows, lots of fireworks, hidden chill-out spots, art installations, food courts, and much more. There’s even a “Healing Garden” offering you various relaxing treatments, from cacao ceremonies to massages and meditation sessions. Wowed, yet? For sure one of the best festivals in Amsterdam!

When: 25–27 August 2023   

Where: Haarlemmermeer, near Amsterdam  

Mysteryland Festival Amsterdam

Best Festivals in Amsterdam for Fall 2023 🍁 

#1 Amsterdam Dance Event  

Have you ever asked yourself what’s the biggest world-party?  

The Amsterdam Dance Event, aka ADE, is the answer. 

It’s one of the most innovative and educational gatherings focusing on the electronic musical genre and its industry. It features an annual conference and festival covering the whole spectrum of electronic subgenres with over 2,500 artists in 140 of Amsterdam’s coolest spaces. Brace yourselves for music-related exhibitions, films, documentaries, DJ showcases, gear master-classes, artistic MusicTalks and more. 

When: 18–22 Oct 2023   

Where: various locations in Amsterdam 

#2 Amsterdam Music Festival 

The Amsterdam Music Festival, also known as AMF, took place for the 1st time in 1995 and, since then, it’s where EDM’s heart lies in. With a large selection of DJs, performers and breathtaking light shows, get ready for lots of dancing.  

When: 21 October 2023  

Where: Amsterdam Johan Cruijff ArenA | AFAS Live | Ziggo Dome | ArenA Park, Amsterdam  

Best Festivals in Amsterdam for Winter 2023 🌨️ 

#1 Amsterdam Light Festival  

Every winter there’s a new edition of Amsterdam Light Festival with light artworks especially created for the festival. You can find some artworks in permanent spots in the city of Amsterdam, as well. Follow the illuminating lights and let your imagination roll. 

When: TBA 

Where: various locations in Amsterdam 

Amsterdam Light Festival

#2 Chocoa Festival  

Did anyone say “chocolate festival”? Promoting sustainable and high-quality chocolate while offering workshops and tastings, this is a yummy festival for sure. Hurry up and get your tickets this year for the 2024 edition. 

When: 7–11 Feb 2024  

Where: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam 

So many festivals to join this year, so better start picking your favorite ones!

Best Festivals in Amsterdam 2023: FAQs

What are top 10 festivals in Amsterdam?

#1 Don’t Let Daddy Know Amsterdam
#2 Amsterdam Coffee Festival
#3 Kaboom Animation Festival
#4 DGTL Festival
#5 Spring Break Amsterdam
#6 King’s Day
#7 Tulp Festival Amsterdam
#8 Music On Festival
#9 Rolling Kitchens
#10 Amsterdam Art Week
#11 Mystic Garden
#12 Holland Festival
#13 Amsterdam Roots Festival
#14 Milkshake
#15 Dekmental
#16 Loveland Festival
#17 Mysteryland
#18 Amsterdam Dance Event
#19 Amsterdam Music Festival
#20 Amsterdam Light Festival
#21 Chocoa Festival

How many festivals are in Amsterdam?

There are a variety of festivals throughout the year that take place in Amsterdam, such as the Amsterdam Dance Event, the Amsterdam Light Festival, and the Holland Festival. Additionally, there are also many smaller festivals and events that take place in Amsterdam throughout the year, such as music festivals, food festivals, and cultural festivals.

Where to go on Kings day Amsterdam?

Kings Day (Koningsdag) is a national holiday in the Netherlands celebrated on April 27th each year. Amsterdam is one of the best places to experience the festivities, which include a large street market, music events, and a colorful parade. Some popular places to visit on Kings Day in Amsterdam include the Vondelpark, the Dam Square, and the canals, where you can see people dressed in orange and boats decorated with Dutch flags. The city center, specifically the areas around the Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein, is also a great place to experience the party atmosphere.

Where is the light festival in Amsterdam?

The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual event that takes place in the city's canals and streets during the winter months, usually from the end of November until January. The festival features a variety of light installations and sculptures created by artists from around the world, which are illuminated at night. The installations can be viewed on boats that take visitors on a tour of the city's canals, or on foot along designated routes. The locations of the installations change every year, but they can typically be found in the historic city center and in the Jordaan neighborhood. Some popular spots to see the Light Festival in Amsterdam include the Prinsengracht, the Herengracht, and the Amstel River.

How long is Amsterdam Music Festival?

The Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF) is a large electronic dance music event that typically takes place over the course of one day. The festival usually starts in the early evening and goes on until the early hours of the following morning. The exact duration of the festival can vary, but it typically lasts around 8-10 hours, depending on the schedule of performances and other activities. Alongside with the mainstage, the festival features several stages with different music genres and hosts multiple renowned DJs and live acts. The festival takes place in the city of Amsterdam, usually in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, which is located in the south of the city.

Which is the best hotel near festival area in Amsterdam?

While making your festival-planning, book your stay at the MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West
We’re near the biggest Amsterdam festivals, such as the Amsterdam Dance Event, Music On, Loveland, Mystic Garden, and right next door to the Sloterdijk station. Hop on the free shuttle buses you’ll find there that’ll take you to many other festival spots, too.  

Best hotel near festival area in Amsterdam

While making your festival-planning, book your stay at the MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West.  
We’re near the biggest Amsterdam festivals, such as the Amsterdam Dance Event, Music On, Loveland, Mystic Garden, and right next door to the Sloterdijk station.
Hop on the free shuttle buses you’ll find there that’ll take you to many other festival spots, too.  

Visiting Amsterdam soon?

Tulips, canals and the Dutch Masters. And right in the middle of it MEININGER welcomes all the visitors to the Dutch capital at the Sloterdijk Train Station and Amstel Train Station.

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