Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Alternative Canal Cruise in Amsterdam – The Ultimate Guide

A canal tour is a classic Amsterdam experience that you shouldn’t miss. Cruising through the historic canals is the best way to see all the impressive landmarks of the city. If a trip to Amsterdam is a hamburger, a canal tour is the ketchup. It’s the special ingredient that completes the whole experience. However, sometimes you want to add a bit of spice to the sauce to really make it unique. Luckily there are many variations on the classic Amsterdam canal cruises available, so you can always find something that fits your taste.

Culinary canal cruises: a feast for all senses

Of course, the hamburger is a metaphor. Or isn’t it? Companies are offering actual hamburger cruises. Make sure you pick an Amsterdam canal cruise tour where the hamburgers are freshly grilled on the boat. The combination of the smell of charcoal, burgers and a unique view on Amsterdam’s 17th-century center can’t be beat. If hamburgers aren’t really your thing, there are many other options. They range from lovely pizza tours to splendid 4-course meals, prepared by award-winning chefs. No need to choose between fine dining and world-class sightseeing!

Canal Cruise in Amsterdam- Burger Cruise

Canal Cruise in Amsterdam with a small boat

Are you the type of traveller that prefers to create your own path? Opt for a more flexible canal cruise. These give you the option to pick your favorite spots and take a custom route. The smaller boats used in these cruises also make it possible to access smaller canals. This means you can see parts of, for example, the Red Light District where the larger tour boats cannot go.

Canal Cruise in Amsterdam - Small Boat Canal Cruise

Evening canal cruises: a different perspective

Sometimes, a small change can result in a very different experience. To stick with the metaphor: a cheeseburger is not a hamburger. The same goes for Amsterdam canal cruises. Going on a cruise by evening transforms the experience. The picturesque center of Amsterdam, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is warmly illuminated. The city becomes even livelier as people relax after a long workday. When the sun goes down Amsterdam is at its best.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise by Night

Romantic canal cruises in Amsterdam

Did all this talk about picturesque sights and warm lights get you in a romantic mood? Amsterdam is a great destination to visit with your lover, and there are canal cruises to match. You’ll be drinking wine, looking each other in the eyes by candlelight and sharing Dutch charcuterie and cheese. Don’t forget to also look outside once in a while!

Amsterdam Romantic Cruise

Combi tickets

Are you in for more? You can also book combi tickets for attractions in Holland. You can, for instance, combine the Amsterdam burger cruise with the Xtracold Icebar. Two special experiences in one! You can also get a full day experience. Combine for example a visit to Europe’s largest flower garden, Keukenhof, with a Amsterdam canal cruise tour. Combi tickets are always cheaper! Keep that in mind. So, my advice is to decide what you want to do and see in Holland. Next you check if there are combi tickets around.

Practical tips for Canal Cruising in Amsterdam

Canal cruises are very popular, so it is advisable to book in advance. This way you ensure you do not have to wait in line and it is cheaper. Make sure to book with a reputable operator. 

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