How to Spend 24 Hours in Krak贸w

A fun-packed day trip to Krak贸w 

Calling all travelers! Welcome to the historic heart of Poland, Krak贸w, the very first capital of the country. This city is packed with history, culture, and lots of excitement. With the help of our Krak贸w guide, we’ll show you how to get a full tour of the city in just 24 hours. 

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Ready for a whirlwind day in charming Krak贸w?

Dive into our guide and let鈥檚 dance through cobblestone streets, savor Polish delights, and uncover hidden gems together!馃憞馃憞馃憞

馃寗 Morning 

8 AM | Rise & shine 

Your Krak贸w adventure starts bright and early at the MEININGER Krak贸w Centrum. Get caffeinated while enjoying our breakfast buffet, and then hit the road. Time to explore! 

9 AM | Discover Wawel Castle 

Begin your day with a visit to one of the best Krak贸w attractions. Did you know that all the Wawel Castle facts you鈥檒l discover there are like a captivating history lesson, but with dragons and kings thrown in for good measure? Well, now you do.   

What to do in Krak贸w in 24 hours - Wavel Castle
Steeped in history, Wawel Castle is a symbol of Krak贸w’s royal legacy and architectural wonder
11 AM | Stroll around the Old Town 

Next stop: Rynek G艂贸wny, the main market square in the Old Town. Imagine a massive square packed with pubs, bars, restaurants, and famous attractions. It’s more than a market; it’s a place where culture and cuisine meet. Make sure you try traditional Polish snacks like p膮czki (a flattened sphere of dough, generously stuffed with luscious fillings like rosehip jam, velvety vanilla pudding, or rich chocolate) while soaking in the lively atmosphere. 

鈽锔 Afternoon 

12:30 PM | Shopping break  

While you鈥檙e walking around the main market square, head to the Cloth Hall, also known as Sukiennice, a market that’s been around forever. It’s the place to be for souvenirs and local goodies. You’ll find everything from handmade crafts to unique Polish trinkets. 

What to do in Krak贸w in 24 hours - Cloth Hall
Showcasing trade history and Renaissance beauty, Krakw’s Cloth Hall lights up the Main Square
1:30 PM | Lunch  

Shopping made you hungry? When in Poland, tasting pierogi is a must. Our go-to place is Przystanek Pierogarnia. This cozy spot specializes in these traditional Polish dumplings, offering you a wide variety, whether you prefer the classic potato and cheese or more adventurous flavors. Trust us, it’s the definition of Polish comfort food!  

3 PM | River cruise or museum hopping 

For a fresh perspective of the city, hop on a boat for a river cruise on the Vistula. It’s one of the top things to do in Krak贸w, and a relaxing way to enjoy the city skyline. 

If boats aren鈥檛 really your thing, though, head to a unique museum instead. Our top suggestions: 

A retro blast from the past 

Step into the Krak贸w Pinball Museum and get ready for some time traveling. With rows of vintage pinball machines, it’s a nostalgic trip that’ll keep you flipping and bouncing for hours.  

What to do in Krak贸w in 24 hours - Pinball
Unleash retro vibes with pinball magic at Krak贸w Pinball Museum
Unearthing history 

Dust off your Indiana Jones hat, and dive into the Archaeological Museum of Krak贸w. Here, you鈥檒l find centuries-old artifacts, from mummies to ancient relics, and other mysteries. 

Digging into secrets 

Beneath Krak贸w’s bustling Rynek Square lies a hidden world at the Rynek Underground Museum. Uncover the city’s secrets as you stroll beneath the cobblestone streets. 

Art fit for royals 

Free your inner art lover at the Princes Czartoryski Museum. Marvel at masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, including the famed Lady with an Ermine. It’s a regal experience filled with world-class art that’ll make you go 鈥渨ow鈥. 

馃寚 Evening 

5 PM | Tea & coffee time 

As the sun sets, make your way to the charming Kazimierz district, also known as the Jewish Quarter. This area is all about celebrating Krak贸w’s rich Jewish heritage. Explore its winding streets filled with historical sites. 

There, you鈥檒l also find Kawiarnia Literacka with its shelves full of books serving amazing hot beverages鈥攖he ideal spot for bookworms and coffee enthusiasts. Lose yourself in the pages of a good book while relaxing. 

Alternatively, after walking around Kazimierz, head to Hex Caf茅 for your coffee break. As you sip your carefully crafted brew, check out the rotating art exhibitions on the walls. Hex Cafe’s commitment to supporting local artists shines through in both its d茅cor and its coffee, making it a must-visit for all of you who appreciate a creative twist to your caf茅 experience. 

馃寖 Nighttime 

7:30 PM | Drinks  

As the night takes over, Krakw鈥檚 Old Town reveals its interesting nightlife scene with its pubs, clubs, and bars. Stroll around, take some cinematic pics, and then grab drinks. Our favorite bars? 

For a laid-back experience, head to the TramBar to enjoy your go-to drinks while sitting in vintage tram seats before you call it a day. 

If you’re in the mood for an elevated taste of the 1920s, Mercy Brown Cocktails & Swing is the place to be. This speakeasy-style bar has vintage charm, expertly crafted cocktails as well as live jazz and swing music.  

What to do in Krak贸w in 24 hours - a trumpeter
Savor jazz vibes and classy cocktails at Mercy Brown in Krak贸w

Summing up鈥 

In just 24 hours, you can capture the spirit of Krak贸w, a city proud of its history and eager to welcome curious travelers like you. From the grandeur of Wawel Castle to the energy of Kazimierz’s streets, you鈥檒l love it here! 

To cap off our 24-hour Krak贸w adventure, we’ve got a treat in store! Be sure to click the link below to explore Fun Facts about Krakw, where we delve into the city’s quirky and captivating side, keeping the fun and fascination going.

What to do in Krak贸w in 24 hours: FAQs

What is the starting point for a day trip in Krak贸w?

Your Krak贸w adventure starts at the MEININGER Krak贸w Centrum. Here, you can enjoy a breakfast buffet before hitting the road to explore.

Which attraction is recommended to visit first in Krak贸w?

Begin your day with a visit to one of Krak贸w's best attractions, the Wawel Castle. It offers a captivating history lesson with tales of dragons and kings.

What can I experience at Rynek G艂贸wny in the Old Town?

Rynek G艂贸wny is a massive square packed with pubs, bars, restaurants, and famous attractions, combining culture and cuisine. Here, you can try traditional Polish snacks like p膮czki.

Where can I shop for souvenirs and local goodies?

The Cloth Hall, also known as Sukiennice, is the go-to place for souvenirs and local goodies, offering everything from handmade crafts to unique Polish trinkets.

What traditional Polish food is a must-try, and where can I find it?

Tasting pierogi is a must when in Poland. Przystanek Pierogarnia is a cozy spot specializing in these traditional Polish dumplings, offering a wide variety of flavors.

What are the options for afternoon activities in Krak贸w?

You can opt for a river cruise on the Vistula for a fresh perspective of the city or visit unique museums like the Krak贸w Pinball Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Krak贸w, the Rynek Underground Museum, or the Princes Czartoryski Museum.

Where can I explore Krak贸w's Jewish heritage?

The Kazimierz district, also known as the Jewish Quarter, is the place to explore Krak贸w's rich Jewish heritage, with its winding streets filled with historical sites.

Can you recommend any cafes in the Kazimierz district?

Kawiarnia Literacka is ideal for bookworms and coffee enthusiasts, while Hex Caf茅 offers a creative twist with rotating art exhibitions and supports local artists.

Where can I experience Krak贸w鈥檚 nightlife?

Krakow鈥檚 Old Town reveals an interesting nightlife scene with pubs, clubs, and bars. TramBar offers a laid-back experience with vintage tram seats, while Mercy Brown Cocktails & Swing provides a taste of the 1920s with expertly crafted cocktails and live music.

How can I capture the spirit of Krak贸w in just 24 hours?

In just 24 hours, you can explore from the grandeur of Wawel Castle to the energy of Kazimierz's streets, experiencing the city鈥檚 history, culture, cuisine, shopping, and nightlife. Krak贸w is eager to welcome curious travelers and offers a variety of attractions and activities.

馃泿锔 Where to stay in Krak贸w  

Enjoy the cozy comfort of the MEININGER Krak贸w Centrum, nestled in the heart of this extraordinary city, and experience Krak贸w鈥檚 history and hospitality combined.
Address: Grzeg贸rzecka 10, 31-530 Krak贸w, Poland 

Visiting Krak贸w soon?

MEININGER Krak贸w Centrum is the perfect accommodation for those aiming to visit Krak贸w without breaking the bank.

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