Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

🎅 Your guide to Copenhagen’s Christmas Markets 2023 

Get ready to dive into the festive wonderland of Copenhagen’s Christmas markets

The city is all lit up, and there’s pure joy in the air. From traditional handmade ornaments and festive goodies to interactive installations and delicious Danish food, you’ll find what you’re looking for, plus a whole lot of Christmas cheer. 

Copenhagen’s Christmas markets perfectly blend tradition and fun. You can enjoy classic experiences like ice skating and horse-drawn carriage rides while exploring modern twists to the festivities. Let’s explore the charm of Copenhagen during the holidays; a real feast for your senses!  

Are you on a budget? No problem! Uncover the secrets to enjoying Copenhagen’s magical Christmas markets and its captivating allure affordably – your guide to experiencing the best of Copenhagen without overspending.

Christmas Markets in Copenhagen - market stands with lights
Twinkling lights and inviting stalls: the vibrant heart of Copenhagen’s Christmas markets

Continue your festive journey with us and discover more enchanting experiences awaiting you at Copenhagen’s Christmas markets


☃️ Nyhavn Christmas Market (Nov 3–Dec 21, 2023) 

Start your Christmas adventure at Nyhavn, the famous waterfront of Copenhagen. The Nyhavn Christmas Market is like a magical village with its cute stalls and lively vibes. Take a leisurely stroll along the canal, and you’ll catch the irresistible aroma of freshly baked goodies and warm spiced wine. The market also offers you many local crafts, making it the perfect spot to grab special gifts for your favorite people in the world. 

And remember to hop on a boat from Nyhavn for a magical water tour. It’s a fantastic way to see the city all decked out for the season. 

🎄 Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market (Nov 17–Dec 31, 2023) 

With fun rides, festive decorations, and Christmas stalls, the park transforms into a magical fairytale. Take a spin on the charming carousel, treat yourself to holiday delights, and be part of the grand Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Tivoli Gardens captures the true magic of Christmas in Copenhagen, offering an immersive experience for everyone. Don’t miss the illuminated parades by the Tivoli Youth Guard and the enchanting Christmas music in Tivoli’s Halls

Christmas Markets in Copenhagen - Tivoli Gardens' Christmas Market view from the water
Twinkling Reflections: Tivoli Gardens’ Christmas Market as seen from the water

⛸️ Højbro Plads Christmas Market (Nov 3–Dec 21, 2023) 

Experience a traditional Christmas at Højbro Plads. Adorned with Christmas trees, decorations, and 80,000 sparkling lights, it’s a festive delight. There, you’ll see cute reindeer, and Santa’s sleigh while experiencing the seasonal spirit—all with free admission!  

📚 Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market at Nytorv (Nov 17–Dec 21, 2023) 

Explore the market named after the beloved storyteller, Hans Christian Andersen. Each stall is themed after one of his fairy tales, creating a unique and whimsical atmosphere at Nytorv. 

🌟 More Christmas Markets 

Discover the Oriental-like charm of Freetown Christiania‘s market and explore the festivities at Kongens Nytorv, and the Renaissance castle Kronborg

Foodies, head to the Meatpacking District Christmas market for a culinary adventure with a variety of Danish delicacies—only 10’ on foot from the Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER

🍽️ Danish delights at Copenhagen Christmas Markets 

Get ready to… taste the essence of Danish holiday cheer with these festive specialties. Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian, these treats are a must-try: 

🥞 Æbleskiver

Small round pancakes, a cherished Danish Christmas tradition, served with jam and powdered sugar. 

Christmas Markets in Copenhagen - Æbleskiver
Æbleskiver, delectable Danish pancake balls dusted with sugar

🍚 Risalamande

A yummy rice pudding dessert, a Danish Christmas classic, topped with cherry sauce. 

🍖 Flæskesteg

A traditional Danish Christmas dish—roast pork with crispy skin, served alongside red cabbage and boiled potatoes. 

🍷 Gløgg

Warm up with a cup of Danish Christmas classic spiced wine, made with red wine, spices, and almonds. 

🥪 Leverpostej

Try Danish liver pate, often served with pickled beets and rye bread on Christmas Eve. All of you, vegetarians, can enjoy mushroom pate or tofu pate. 

🍞 Rugbrød

Savor hearty Danish rye bread, a staple during the holidays, served with cheese, pate, or cold cuts. 

🥔 Brunede kartofler

Delight in caramelized potatoes, a popular Danish Christmas side dish, typically made with sugar and butter. 

🌿 Grønlangkål

Sample some creamed kale, a Danish Christmas dish often served with boiled potatoes. Vegetarians can try it with vegetable broth and plant-based cream. 

🍚 Risengrød

Indulge in sweet rice porridge, a mouthwatering holiday dessert in Denmark, like the Norwegian dish “Risgrøt”. Vegans can opt for plant-based milk instead of dairy milk. 

Christmas Markets in Copenhagen - a dish of Risengrød
Risengrød, a warm bowl of traditional Danish rice pudding

📆 Mark your calendars 

For the ultimate winter adventure in Copenhagen, plan your visit around the Copenhagen Christmas Market 2023 dates. For tickets and the latest updates, visit the official websites.  

🤶 Our top picks for a jolly Christmas Market trip 

As it gets colder in Copenhagen in December, make sure to pack: 

❄️ Warm boots

Perfect for exploring the city in winter. 

❄️ Breathable wool sock

Breathable and odor-resistant; it’s a win-win! 

❄️ Thermal leggings

Layer under jeans for that extra snug feel.  

❄️ Hooded waterproof coat

Who needs an umbrella? 

❄️ Winter-ready base layer

Stay cozy, it’s a winter essential. 

❄️ Smartphone-friendly gloves

Navigate the festive vibes with warm hands. 

After enjoying the festive ambiance of Copenhagen’s Christmas markets, why not continue your evening exploring the city’s vibrant scene? Dive into our guide to the best gay bars in Copenhagen for an unforgettable night out!

Christmas Markets in Copenhagen: FAQs

What makes the Nyhavn Christmas Market special?

The Nyhavn Christmas Market is a magical village along Copenhagen’s famous waterfront. You can stroll along the canal, enjoying the aroma of freshly baked treats, and find many local crafts. Don’t forget to hop on a boat from Nyhavn for a magical water tour of the city adorned for the season.

Why should I visit the Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market?

Tivoli Gardens transform into a fairytale wonderland with fun rides, festive decorations, and Christmas stalls. There's a grand Christmas tree lighting ceremony, illuminated parades, and enchanting Christmas music, capturing the true magic of Christmas in Copenhagen.

What does the Højbro Plads Christmas Market offer?

The Højbro Plads Christmas Market offers a traditional Christmas atmosphere with trees, decorations, and 80,000 sparkling lights. You can see cute reindeer and Santa’s sleigh, all with free admission!

What is unique about the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market at Nytorv?

Each stall at this market is themed after one of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, creating a unique and whimsical atmosphere at Nytorv.

What other Christmas markets should I visit in Copenhagen?

Discover the Oriental-like charm of the Freetown Christiania market, explore festivities at Kongens Nytorv, and the Renaissance castle Kronborg. For culinary adventures, head to the Meatpacking District Christmas market, just a 10-minute walk from Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER.

What are typical Danish Christmas delicacies I should try?

Try Æbleskiver (small round pancakes), Risalamande (rice pudding with cherry sauce), Flæskesteg (roast pork), Gløgg (spiced wine), Leverpostej (liver pate), Rugbrød (Danish rye bread), Brunede kartofler (caramelized potatoes), Grønlangkål (creamed kale), and Risengrød (sweet rice porridge).

What should I pack for my visit to Copenhagen's Christmas markets?

Pack warm boots, breathable wool socks, thermal leggings, a waterproof hooded coat, a winter-ready base layer, and smartphone-friendly gloves for a comfortable experience at Copenhagen's Christmas markets.

🛎️ Where to stay in Copenhagen

For the ultimate Copenhagen trip, stay at the Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER near to Copenhagen’s Christmas markets. 
Address: Colbjørnsensgade 5, 11, 1652 København, Denmark 

Visiting Copenhagen soon?

MEININGER Urban House Copenhagen is located in the trendiest district Vesterbro – only 200 meters away from the central station. From here you can explore countless cafes, restaurants and bars on foot or by bicycle.

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