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Hey, thrill-seekers. Going on a seven-day European trip fueled by nothing but Red Bull cans may sound unreal, but for those of you who are thirsty for adventure, it’s the experience of a lifetime!

Red Bull Can You Make It? 2024 is back, and teams from all over the world are getting hyped to trade those iconic silver cans for a once-in-a-lifetime journey. But, what’s the secret sauce to make it across the continent in just 7 days, with no cash, cards, or phones?

Before we spill the beans on this one, we’re super excited to announce that MEININGER Hotels is the official hospitality partner that will host everyone in the starting cities of Amsterdam, Budapest, Copenhagen, and Milan, and the final stop, Berlin!

🔥 Free Your Inner Trailblazer 🔥- Red Bull Can You Make It? participants group photo
Participants seen at Red Bull Can You Make It? in Stockholm, Sweden on April 10, 2018 // Henrik Eliasson

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Planning is out, spontaneity is in! Teams won’t know their starting point until days before the trip. Flexibility and quick thinking are your BFFs as you jet off from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen, or Milan to the ultimate party in Berlin.

Team attitude

Rollin’ with your crew from start to finish means team spirit is everything. Get to know your ride-or-die mates, discover each other’s superpowers, and level up that teamwork because challenges are about to get real.

🔥 Free Your Inner Trailblazer 🔥- a participant hugging two teammates
Participants finished the the Red Bull Can You Make It in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 17, 2018 // Maurice van der Meijs

Charm it up

Trading Red Bull for everything you need? Easy! Just turn on that charm—like, full-on charismatic mode. A genuine charm offensive might score you wild adventures, from skydiving to singing and more. Get ready to charm your way across Europe!

Challenge accepted

It’s not about reaching Berlin first; it’s about soaking in the fun vibes along the way while tackling Checkpoint Challenges and Adventure Challenges. The more you conquer, the higher you climb on the leaderboard.

Storytime enthusiast

Document those epic moments! Vlog your journey and share it on www.redbullcanyoumakeit.com. It’s not just for the followers (though you’ll get plenty); it’s also how you earn major points. Show the world what you’re made of!


Most important trait? A sense of fun, duh! The raddest teams know not to take themselves too seriously. Let that fun-loving vibe shine.

🔥 Free Your Inner Trailblazer 🔥 - three participants seen from behind at a railway station jumping
Participants are seen at Red Bull Can You Make It in Sofia, Bulgaria on January 28, 2020 // Sandro Arabyan

Why you need to apply today

🤝 It’s all about your squad

No solo missions here. Apply with your ride-or-die friends, exchange Red Bull for everything you need, and bond over unforgettable experiences. It’s much more than a trip; it’s a friendship upgrade!

🌐 New faces, new places

Say hello to diverse cultures and fresh faces. With no personal phones, you’re making real connections in person. Get ready to make friends in places you never knew existed.

🎉 Expect the unexpected

Mystery starting points, surprise challenges, and mind-blowing moments made possible by trading Red Bull cans. Embrace the unexpected and turn every challenge into a flex-worthy memory!

🎥 Travel, vlog, repeat

Your team’s daily adventures are not just for you; they’re for the whole world to see. Vlog it up on www.redbullcanyoumakeit.com, gain followers, and secure your spot as the raddest storytellers of this adventure.

🍀 Luck makers

Luck is on the menu, but you’re the chef. It’s not about being the first to get to Berlin; it’s about acing challenges, conquering tasks, and daily vlogging. Shape your own luck and make every day count!

🔥 Free Your Inner Trailblazer 🔥 - three participants posing in front of a river showing a signal to Amsterdam
Team Biohazards seen at Red Bull Can You Make It? in Stockholm, Sweden on April 10, 2018 // Richard Ström


Registration for Red Bull Can You Make It? 2024 is now OPEN and lasts until Mar 31, 2024.

 🛎️ Check out our participating hotels

MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West

MEININGER Budapest Great Market Hall

Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER

MEININGER Milano Lambrate

MEININGER Hotel Berlin East Side Gallery

MEININGER Hotel Berlin Tiergarten

MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station

MEININGER Hotel Berlin Mitte “Humboldthaus”

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