The Most Instagrammable Places in Bremen 

Do you always have your eyes peeled for the perfect photo opportunity? Are you a huge fan of Instagram-worthy moments during your trips?  

Then, you need to visit Bremen! If only for a day, we have the best To-Do list for you!

A European city knows for its long trading history and for being one of the biggest seaports in Germany, Bremen is also extremely idyllic and photogenic. It will pleasantly surprise you with both urban and natural settings which can be transformed into terrific photos.  

Go ahead and check out our curated list of ideal photo-spots in Bremen right here 👇 

#1 Get Artsy at the Museum of Modern Art  

The Weserburg Museum of Modern Art opened its doors back in 1991. With its four old warehouses on the Teerhof and its, more or less, 6,000 m2, it’s one of the largest museums of modern art in Germany hosting countless special exhibitions, live concerts, one-of-a-kind performances, film screenings and readings all year round. 

The amazing installations in combination with the excellent lighting will be an incredible addition to your Instagram feed. 

Address: Teerhof 20, 28199 Bremen 

The Most Instagrammable Places in Bremen: Weserburg Museum of Modern Art
Weserburg Museum of Modern Art, Bremen

#2 Top-Notch Skyscraper View  

Add this photo spot at the… top of your Bremen-list. 

The Bamberg Hochhaus (Volkshochschule) skyscraper’s terrace is open to the public offering you an excellent view of the whole city and, of course, amazing opportunities for not only panorama shots, but also selfies. And if the weather is bright and sunny, make sure to watch the candy-colored sunset from there.  

Address: Faulenstraße 69, 28195 Bremen 

#3 Knock, knock, knockin’ on Schnoor’s Door 

Do you love taking pics of beautiful buildings and picturesque alleys? Are a you a big fan of #doorsofinstagram? Run to the Schnoor district asap.  

There, you’ll find elegant doors, rustic and colorful buildings, galleries, restaurants, fairytale-like pathways, and other creative and cozy spots as well as a medieval vibe like no other.  

Address: Schnoor, 28195 Bremen 

#4 For a Maritime Touch  

One of the best Instagram places in Bremen is none other than the Weser itself.  

To capture the most interesting angles of the river, cross the Burgermeister-Smidt-Bridge towards the direction of Neustadt. On your right, you’ll see a sculpture that resembles a big white crown. Sol LeWitt’s artwork, the individual pyramids, is perfect for some truly magnificent shots with you in the middle and the pyramids as a unique kind of frame.  

Another enchanting view of the Weser is the one from the Stephanibrücke in the direction of the Schlachte. It’s totally worth your time. 

Address: Bürgermeister-Smidt-Brücke, 28199 Bremen | Stephanibrücke, 28199 Bremen 

#5 A Well-Hidden Photo Gem  

At a first glance, Bremen’s tax office, the House of the Empire (Haus des Reichs) seems like just another governmental building.  

But on the inside, it’s a total work of architectural art influenced by the Expressionism and Art Deco movements. Its overall interior design, various sculptures, vibrant shapes and colors, grand spiral staircases, sparkling chandeliers as well as the engine room, full of technological details, create one-of-a-kind photo backdrops that you have to see for yourself – with a little help from a guided tour.  

Make sure you also visit the terrace of its restaurant, “La Cantina”, for spectacular views of the Wallanlagen and the city center. 

Address: Rudolf-Hilferding-Platz 1, 28195 Bremen 

The Most Instagrammable Places in Bremen: Haus des Reichs
House of the Empire (Haus des Reichs) in Bremen

#6 Visit Bremen’s Stonehenge-Lookalike 

Enjoy a magical panoramic view of Bremen from the 40-meter-high Metalhenge: the highest mountain in Bremen, an observation point open 24/7 and 365 days a year. Apart from being reminiscent of the famous Stonehenge, the steles located in the east show the rising points of specific stars on the horizon and the ones in the west the points of sunset and moonset.  

Address: Fahrwiesendamm, 28219 Bremen 

#7 Embrace your Green Side at the Vegesack 

The City Garden of Vegesack (Stadtgarten Vegesack) is found directly on the Weser and hosts many outstanding botanical species. It’s also a great photo-spot offering spectacular views of a picturesque garden and the river itself. 

Address: Gerhard-Rohlfs-Straße 62, 28757 Bremen 

#8 Take Pics While Unwinding  

The Wallanlagen consists a true oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Before your photoshoot, sit on a bench and enjoy some local snacks, or discover a cozy corner behind the Wilhelm Wagenfeld House near the water. Snap shots in front of the Mühle am wall, the windmill in Wallanlagen Park, walk around and… unwind. The windmill is open to the public and also hosts a restaurant. Beautiful trees and colorful flowery meadows wait for you there. 

Address: 28195 Bremen 

#9 Find the Secret of the University of Bremen 

The 8-floor balcony of the Mehrzweckhochhaus (MZH) building at the University of Bremen will leave you breathless with the unobstructed view of the skyline of Bremen that it offers. Get your camera ready and spot across the horizon the Weser Stadium, the TV tower and St. Peter’s Cathedral.  

Address: Bibliothekstraße 5, 28359 Bremen 

#10 Meet the City’s Mascots 

Last but not least, you have to complete your creative photoshoot in Bremen by taking some iconic selfies in front of the world-famous bronze sculpture of Grimm’s the “Town Musicians of Bremen”; they are super photogenic and the real mascots of the city. Strike a pose with them and before leaving remember to touch the donkey’s shiny front legs for some good luck to take back home. 

Address: Schoppensteel 1, 28195 Bremen 

The Most Instagrammable Places in Bremen: Town Musicians of Bremen
“Town Musicians of Bremen” statue

Where to stay in Bremen? 

None other than the MEININGER Hotel Bremen Hauptbahnhof. 

Located in the center of the city, close to the Bremen Central Station, the UNESCO-listed Roland statue and many other treasures, it’s the perfect spot from where to start your Instagrammable visit! 

Visiting Bremen soon?

Bremen is a charming and historic riverside port city with UNESCO World Heritage status. Our hotel is attached to Bremen Hauptbahnhof and next to the new central bus terminal, just 1 km from the Old Town with the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bremer Rathaus and the Roland statue, among other major attractions in this Gothic city.

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