Eating in Amsterdam on a budget 

Best Cheap Food in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a true foodie’s paradise.  

Did you know that you can experience the Dutch capital’s awesome food-scene without actually going broke?  

Have a cute budget-picnic by grabbing a warm loaf of bread in the morning along with some Maza dips (100% vegetarian), or become a street-food aficionado by trying out as much of Amsterdam’s cheap (and yummy) food as you possibly can.

Keep reading to learn everything about the best street-food in Amsterdam 🍽️  

#1 Café Piqniq

Looking for a stylish spot? Check out Café Piqniq where you can combine several small dishes and get full during lunchtime.  

Eating in Amsterdam on a budget: PIQNIC

#2 Haring/Herring Stands 

Could it get… Dutcher than this? If you’re strolling around Amsterdam, you’ll probably spot some stands which sell haring (in Dutch it’s herring). Make sure you taste this delicious local snack either raw, pickled, or in a sandwich with onion.  

#3 SLA 

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? But also looking for the best cheap Dutch food in Amsterdam? We got you. Visit SLA and choose among a variety of dishes: get cozy by having the velvet soups for just €5, or free your creative side and order your favorite ingredients all wrapped up in a healthy salad for only €8.  

Eating in Amsterdam on a budget: SLA

#4 Foodhallen

In Amsterdam, you’ll also find a fancy street-food scene. Grab some food coming from all over the world at the Foodhallen where many different vendors are gathered together and serve the most mouth-watering snacks. Just remember to skip the cocktails (quite overpriced) and get a beer in a local bar instead. 

#5 Neighbourfood Market

Calling all loyal foodies! Make sure to add to your list the NeighbourFood Market which takes place once a month and is a great meeting place for eco farmers, bakers, butchers, celebrated local chefs, and of course… all of you. Enjoy your meal in a relaxed, cool, urban environment and visit the cozy flea market you’ll find there, too.  

#6 Skek 

You’ll find this eco-friendly café in Amsterdam’s Red Light District offering organic meals, snacks and drinks for both lunch and dinner that you can have in a cool dining room which is also an art gallery for young talents. The best part? It’s run by students, so you deserve a 25% off discount by showing a student ID. Plus, there’s live music, quiz nights, karaoke and game nights scheduled. Surely, one of the best street-food choices in Amsterdam. Wow! 

#7 Thaise Snackbar Bird 

Craving some Asian food? Visit Amsterdam’s Chinatown for the best Laos-style grilled chicken, exotic curries, meat and vegetarian dishes. You’ll find most mains for under €15. Not bad, right? 

#8 Franggo 

This bistro full of Portuguese tiles, colorful aura and rustic decoration is definitely a must-visit when in Amsterdam. In Portuguese, “frango” means chicken and the extra ‘g’ in the restaurant’s name lets you know that its delicious grilled dishes are also available to-go. You can get a big variety of flame-grilled chickens, fries, salad, rice or baked potatoes (or our favorite: corn on the cob) for around €10.  

#9 Vleminckx Sausmeesters 

This popular spot has been serving some of the best Belgian fries in Amsterdam since 1957. Go wild and top them with any of the 25+ available sauces which will knock your socks off.   

Eating in Amsterdam on a budget: Vleminckx Sausmeesters

#10 The Lebanese Sajeria 

This Lebanese family-run eatery offers you some of Amsterdam’s best Middle-Eastern soups, wraps and desserts. A great choice for some cheap but high-quality food in Amsterdam either for a quick lunch, dinner or take-away. Their wraps are under €10 and most sides and desserts are less than €5.  

Eating in Amsterdam on a budget: FAQs

Can you enjoy the culinary scene of Amsterdam on a budget?

Yes, you can! Amsterdam offers a wide range of budget-friendly dining options from inexpensive picnics and street food to affordable cafes and restaurants.

What is Café Piqniq?

Café Piqniq is a stylish place where you can enjoy various small dishes combined into a filling lunch meal.

What is a typical Dutch street food you can try in Amsterdam?

When in Amsterdam, try the local herring from street vendors. This delicious local snack can be enjoyed raw, pickled, or in a sandwich with onions.

What is a good, budget-friendly place for vegetarians or vegans in Amsterdam?

Check out SLA, which offers a variety of dishes including velvety soups for just 5 euros, or a custom salad with your favorite ingredients for only 8 euros.

What are the Foodhallen?

The Foodhallen is a street food hub where different vendors come together to serve delicious snacks from around the world. Just remember to skip the overpriced cocktails and instead enjoy a beer at a local bar.

What is the NeighbourFood Market?

The NeighbourFood Market is a food market that takes place once a month. It's a great spot for eco-farmers, bakers, butchers, celebrated regional chefs, and food lovers. You can also find a cozy flea market there.

What is Skek?

Skek is an eco-friendly café in Amsterdam's Red Light District. It offers organic dishes, snacks, and drinks for lunch and dinner in a cool dining hall, which also serves as an art gallery for young talent. The café is run by students, and a student card will get you a 25% discount. They also have live music, quiz nights, karaoke, and game nights.

What can you get at Thaise Snackbar Bird?

At Thaise Snackbar Bird in Amsterdam's Chinatown, you can enjoy the best Laotian-style grilled chicken, exotic curries, and both meat and vegetarian dishes. Most main dishes are available for under 15 euros.

What is Franggo?

Franggo is a bistro known for its Portuguese tiles, colorful vibe, and rustic décor. For around 10 euros, you can enjoy a wide selection of grilled chicken, fries, salad, rice, or baked potatoes.

What is Vleminckx Sausmeesters?

Vleminckx Sausmeesters has been serving some of Amsterdam's best Belgian fries since 1957, and they offer more than 25 different sauces.

What can you get at The Lebanese Sajeria?

This Lebanese family business serves some of the best Middle Eastern soups, wraps, and desserts in Amsterdam. Wraps cost less than 10 euros and most side dishes and desserts less than 5 euros.

Wait a minute… there’s more! 

Where to stay in Amsterdam? 🛎️

f you want to stay on a budget for your whole Amsterdam trip, stay in one of our hotels in the city: the MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West or the MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam Amstel

Choose to explore Amsterdam the Dutch way by renting a bike, or using the tram and train lines by getting a 24, 48 or 72h ticket, locally called “OV-Chipkaart”. Come, say hi at reception and ask us about bike rentals and day-tickets, we’ll be glad to give you some local tips, too. 

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