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Get ready to join us on a super exciting journey to Zürich: the city where old meets new, and nature vibes mix with modern ones. We’re about to spill the beans on how to have a blast in Zürich with kids.

From the coolest spots in Greencity Zurich to mind-blowing attractions and educational fun, we’ve got your back

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🏗️ Discovering Greencity Zurich with kids: green is the way to go 

Have you ever heard of Greencity Zürich? It’s seriously something else. Imagine a place where buildings are all about saving the planet, and gardens are everywhere for you to enjoy. This pioneering neighborhood, that’s dedicated to sustainability and innovation, is where you can take it easy and unwind, explore eco-friendly buildings, and even learn how to be a planet-saving pro. Greencity Zürich is more than an area; it’s a whole new way of living.  

Exciting things to do in Zurich with children

🐯 Zoo Zurich

Get ready for an awesome ride at Zoo Zurich where you can meet animals from all corners of the world. Lions, penguins, giraffes, and more. With over 360 different critters, this place is like a real-life safari. 

zurich with kids - Chameleon at Zoo
Chameleon at Zoo Zürich

🌷 Manegg Park

Nature lovers, this one’s for you! Manegg Park is like an escape button from the city buzz. Let the little ones run wild on the playground, munch on snacks by the pond, or just chill in the calmest surroundings ever. 

🍃 Sihlcity Forest

Time to channel your inner adventurer. Grab those hiking shoes and head to Sihlcity Forest for a nature-packed family hike. Follow the trails, take in the woody aroma, and spot the most unique plants and animals. 

🍅 Zürich’s local farmer’s market

Dive into Zurich’s local farmer’s market scene, where you can taste the freshest veggies, the yummiest cheeses, and all sorts of deliciousness.  

Zürich with kids
Local farmer’s market

🚶🏽 Nature walks

Lace up those sneakers, because you’re going for a nature walk you’ll never forget. Wind through parks, soak in the beauty, learn about nature, and have some quality bonding time as a family. You can even think about camping in Zürich when you’re out in the woods with your little ones. If you’re a nature lover, you will definitely find the article, Hiking up the Uetliberg in Zürich, interesting.

🔋 Zurich eco-tours

Brace yourselves for some epic eco-adventures. These tours show you how Zürich rocks the whole “green living” thing through its green initiatives. From eco-friendly transportation options to renewable energy projects, these tours offer you and your kids an eye-opening experience. 

🛥️ Lake Zürich (Zürichsee)

If you’re in Zürich with the kids during summer, head to the lake and swim, have a yummy picnic, or jump on a boat and enjoy the ride. There, you can also find Jean Tinguely’s massive kinetic sculpture called Heureka, the first “purposeless machine”, that’s inspired by the phrase “Eureka” meaning “I’ve found it” in Ancient Greek. Catch it in action from April to mid-October, 3 times a day at 11AM, 3PM, and 7PM. It puts on an 8-minute show! 

Lake Zürich
Lake Zürich

🍫 Confiserie Sprüngli

Established in 1836, they’re the pros behind those amazing macarons known as “Luxemburgerli.” Visit this charming café that’s right on Bahnhofstrasse, the shopping hotspot, at Paradaplatz. Trust us, this spot is our top pick for hot chocolate and chocolate truffle cake. 

🥞 Local dishes

Kids just can’t get enough of Rösti, a generously sized, buttery, hot potato pancake that’s like a tasty mashup of hashbrowns and latkes. Make sure you discover this, and other Swiss delights. 

⛱️ Freibad Heuried

With its sprawling sunbathing zone, exciting waterslide, kid-friendly water play, non-swimmer’s pool, 3 pools for all kinds of swimmers, and a self-serve restaurant called Vrenelisgärtli, it’s THE spot for a perfect summer day.  

👟 Zürich High Ropes Park

Over 185 challenges to conquer. 15 courses for all levels. 5 levels of difficulty. Kids’ fun on the Kidspark course (ages 4+). Expert instruction and watchful eyes from trained pros. Top-notch safety gear for worry-free fun. Balance, coordination, courage, strength with your family.  

Learning while having fun? Yes, please! 

🧸 Zürcher Spielzeugmuseum (Zurich Toy Museum)

Calling all toy lovers, big and small! Step right into a world packed with vintage toys, epic games, and super cool dolls at the Zürcher Spielzeugmuseum. A highlight for your fun adventures in Zürich with kids!

Zürich with kids
Zürich Toy Museum

⚽ FIFA Museum

Switzerland is home to the official FIFA World Football Museum, an interactive museum that’s perfect for every football enthusiast! Discover the history of the beloved game, the excitement behind the famous World Cup tournaments, and all the football-related stories of people from around the world. 

🕶️ WOW Museum

This spot is an absolute gem for selfie fans, and those of you who adore snapping surreal and one-of-a-kind pics. Make sure your phone is all charged up before you dive in!  

✨ Summing up… 

From the futuristic feels of Greencity Zurich and fun-filled activities to educational attractions and family-friendly museums, this city is a total win for every member of your family. 

Are you traveling during summer? Our blog article, Zürich in the Summer, will provide you with the best tips for the season!

What to do in Zürich as a family: FAQs

What's this Greencity Zurich everyone's talking about?

It's really something else! Imagine an entire neighborhood all about sustainability. Green buildings and gardens everywhere. A place to chill while learning how to save the planet.

What's up at Zoo Zurich?

It's a blast! Lions, penguins, giraffes—over 360 different animals are waiting for you. It's like a real-life safari, but without the flight to Africa.

What's the deal with Manegg Park?

It's perfect when you've had enough of the city noise. Let the kiddos romp around on the playground while you chill by the pond.

Tell me more about Sihlcity Forest.

Grab your hiking boots and off you go! Great for hiking and discovering nature. You smell the forest and spot cool plants and animals.

And what's going on at the farmers' market?

There, you can snag the freshest and tastiest stuff straight from the farmers. Cheese, veggies, and everything your heart desires.

What's the deal with eco-tours?

Brace yourself for real eco-action. The tours show you how Zurich has got the green living down. From eco-friendly transport to renewable energy.

What's happening at Lake Zurich?

In summer, it's the perfect place for a dip or a boat tour. And from April to mid-October, you can also check out Jean Tinguely's huge kinetic sculpture "Heureka."

What's at Confiserie Sprüngli?

They're the kings of macarons, called "Luxemburgerli." If you're on Bahnhofstrasse, indulge in hot chocolate and chocolate truffle cake!

What local dishes should I try?

You HAVE to try Rösti! It's like a giant hashbrown, super delicious.

What's Freibad Heuried?

It's THE spot for an awesome summer day. Sunbathing, water slides, paddling—everything you need, even a self-service restaurant.

High Ropes Park? Sounds exciting!

Absolutely! Over 185 challenges, 15 courses, 5 difficulty levels. All under the watchful eyes of pros. Pack up the family and show what you've got!

Learning can be fun too, right?

For sure! At the Museum of Digital Art, tech meets creativity. And then there's the Zurich Toy Museum and the FIFA Museum, where you can dive into the history of toys and soccer. And for selfie fans, the WOW Museum is an absolute gem.

🛎️ Where to stay in Zürich 

Only at the MEININGER Hotel Zürich Greencity, in the best area of the city.

Address: Maneggstrasse 41, 8041 Zürich, Switzerland  

Visiting Zurich soon?

MEININGER Hotel Zürich Greencity is our first property in Switzerland, located in the environmentally aware Greencity district. Close to the city center and Niederdorf Zurich, conveniently connected by the nearby Manegg railway station.

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