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The capital city of the German state of Saxony

Dresden, a city full of royal history and unique architecture, is all you’ve been looking for! 

The capital city of the German state of Saxony is waiting for you on the River Elbe. Although a bombing destroyed most of the city at the end of World War II, the historical center of Dresden has luckily been restored. Today, Dresden is still known as “The Florence on the Elbe” and the “Jewel Box” because of its beautiful Rococo and Baroque architecture. As a relevant cultural gem, the city offers its visitors a mixture of historical sights, modern art and plenty of green spaces. 

The old town of Dresden is definitely a must-see: you’ll be mesmerized to discover its attractions. Whether you’re exploring the museums of the Zwinger and admiring its gardens, taking a tour inside the Semperoper or visiting the Frauenkirche, you’ll find plenty of stunning architecture to marvel at. For a great view of the city and the River Elbe go take a stroll or have a coffee on the Brühl’s Terrace.

Should you feel in the mood to go shopping or find a good restaurant for dinner, you shouldn’t miss the Pragerstraße. And in case you’re not convinced yet, Dresden also has a Royal Palace, the oldest Christmas market in Germany on the Striezelmarkt and even a Hygiene Museum! 

Dresden Germany

Where to stay in Dresden? 

The answer is easy: at our newest hotel in Germany – MEININGER Hotel Dresden Zentrum. Our new hotel in Dresden has the perfect location for you to explore the city, right on the famous Wiener Platz. It is situated next to the main train station and the new central bus station. From this location you’ll have easy access to both short and long-distance public transport. Walk 200 meters and you’ll find yourself on Pragerstraße, Dresden’s popular shopping street. From there it takes about a 20-minute walk to reach the inner city and all its historical attractions. 

Everything you need to know about the design of MEININGER Hotel Dresden Zentrum 

In the MEININGER tradition, the hotel has a unique interior design that reflects the cultural facets of the city. The theme of the hotel is the famous “Ode to Joy”, written by Schiller and later adapted by Beethoven for his Ninth Harmony. You’ll find the colors yellow, green and blue represented in the hotel rooms together with a disco ball. The red curtains and the spotlights in the breakfast room will make you feel like you’re on a stage. Learn more about the interior design from our architect, Viki Kitzig.  

M: Please introduce yourself.  

VK: Kitzig Design Studios offer the perfect combination of interior design, architecture, branding and communication from a single source. The teams apply an interdisciplinary approach and develop comprehensive design solutions in each of these areas for clients from all over the world. We, as the team in Bochum, created the Meininger Hotel in Dresden from the very beginning from finding the story of the hotel together with the colleagues from Meininger to the small details and creation of wall papers. I myself, Viki Kitzig, am an architect and have been working in design for 25 years. I love to travel and have always spent my “pocket money” on a night in a hotel. 

M: What are your first 3 associations with the city of Dresden?  

VK: The rich history of the city is what springs to mind in the first place. Rich in the general sense of culture:  

  • Culture in the form of architectural history, which can still be seen all around the city. 
  • Culture in the sense of musical history which can still be heard in the opera 
  • Culture in the prevalent sense of nature in the city. 

M: What was the main inspiration for the MEININGER Hotel Dresden Zentrum design?  

VK: The core and the beginning of the design concept is the “Anthem of Europe”, which is based on Beethoven’s setting for the poem “Ode to Joy” by Friedrich Schiller, written in Dresden. This connects quite nicely to the strong European values of the MEININGER brand. From there on we drew inspiration from a number of musical themes and images. Keeping the design of the public areas close to the classical era while opting for a more modern approach in the guest rooms. References to the “Anthem of Europe” can be found in different places if you look closely. 

M: How would you describe the hotel in 3 words?  

VK: Open, modern, colorful.  

M: What is your favorite part of the hotel in Dresden?  

VK: The liberal use of color is what brought the most joy in designing the hotel. And hopefully it will also bring joy to the people. 

M: What is the best thing about this new MEININGER hotel?  

VK: The constant change of perspective: sometimes the hotel guest is the star on stage, sometimes he relaxes backstage or is there as a spectator. There is much to discover around the theme of “Ode to Joy”. The positive spirit, the joy of living, communicating and, especially here in Dresden, making music or acting together. The MEININGER idea is particularly strong here. 

Visiting Dresden soon?

The MEININGER Hotel Dresden Zentrum is perfect to start exploring a city that combines the vibrant with the tranquil, the classical with the modern.

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