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Salzburg is a great city to visit, but there are also some interesting facts about the city:

  • The world today refers to Salzburg′s most famous son as “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”. In fact, his name was officially “Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart” with “Amadeus” being a Latinised variation of “Theophilus”. Mozart himself signed in his later years as “Wolfgang Amade”, and referred to himself as “Amadeus” only when he was joking.
  • Mozart wrote at least parts of the Zauberflöte, “The Magic Flute” in a little hut, where as  the story goes, he was locked in by author Emanuel Schikaneder to ensure they would meet their deadlines. The hut is today called Zauberflöten-Häuschen. (The Magic Flute hut)
  • The Krimml Falls (Krimmler Wasserfalle), in the state of Salzburg, are Europe’s tallest waterfalls, reaching a height of 380 meters.
  • Salzburg used to be an independent country, but was annexed to the Austrian Empire in 1816.
  • Red Bull is from Austria – from Salzburg to be precise. Suffice to say, the mixture of Red Bull was “inspired” by the original Thai Energy Drink Krating Daeng.
  • Salzburg literally means “salt castle” and was named because of all of the salt mining done around the city. And it is located on the banks of the Salzach River.
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    One day I would love to go to Salzburg and vienna I think it would be great

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