The Most Romantic Cities in Europe

6 most romantic cities in Europe to visit with your special one

Do you want to be my Traveltine? MEININGER prepared for you the 6 most romantic cities in Europe you need to visit with your special one! Some places are better when visited in two. Like riding a carriage around Vienna, taking a boat cruise during the sunset in Amsterdam and sharing a delicious croissant in Paris! 

#1 Vienna 

All those palaces, gardens, fountains and grand architecture will made you think you entered a fairy tale city. Hop on a carriage and discover the most famous spots in the city center, royal style! Take a ride on a giant Ferris wheel in Prater. And, don’t forget to take a stroll through the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace gardens. 

Romantic Cities in Europe

#2 Amsterdam 

Just a simple stroll along the famous canals in the city center of Amsterdam will already make you feel like you’re in heaven!  Jump on a boat cruise to experience Amsterdam from another perspective! There is nothing better than a sunset boat ride! For an evening date you should go to see a movie at the Pathé Tuskinski, which is recognized amongst the most beautiful cinemas in the world! 

Romantic Cities in Europe

#3 Paris 

List of the most romantic cities which does not include Paris is not a proper list! Wherever you turn and whatever you do in Paris seems like it’s straight out of a romance movie. Walking next to the Seine, wandering around Montmartre and stopping at one of the many small bistros for a glass of wine and a cheese plate, taking selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower or sharing the croissants from world famous bakeries are just some of the romantic things you could do in Paris.  

Romantic Cities in Europe

#4 Rome 

The prize for the most nostalgic city goes to Rome! There is nothing more romantic than eating delicious pasta and drinking wine in one of the small hidden restaurants where dishes are prepared by the Nona’s recipes. Villa Borghese gardens are also a wonderful place to relax with your special one when in Rome! Don’t forget to get a gelato, a lot of gelato – when the sun hits, this is the best refreshment you can get! 

Romantic Cities in Europe

#5 Heidelberg 

Mark Twain’s words “Heidelberg by day is the last possibility of the beautiful”. Heidelberg has some incredibly romantic spots. A beautiful Old Town surrounded by the forest, a medieval castle on a hill you can easily reach and admire the view of Heidelberg from above. Another romantic spot of Heidelberg is the arched bridge which crosses the Neckar river.

Romantic Cities in Europe

#6 Berlin 

You would probably never guess, but Berlin can be romantic too! Berlin is one of the most tolerant and open cities in the world. Embracing love without stigmas or restrictions, you can definitely feel free when in Berlin. Take a stroll around Monbijoupark and Museums Island. Spend your evening at the Café am Neuen See in Tiergarten! You can even rent a boat there and paddle around the lake. For some serious romantic scenery, you should visit the Schloss Charlottenburg and its garden! 

Romantic Cities in Europe

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