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There is noting better than hanging around in the parks of Berlin during the warmer months. Just take your friends, some food and drinks and enjoy the urban lifestyle of Berlin in one of the dozen parks. Even though Berlin is the capital city and there are a lot of streets and buildings, it is very easy to find a green place. It is really hard to decide which park you should choose for some quality time. That is why we offer you some tips:



One of the most famous parks in Berlin is the Mauerpark and you just have to ride one station from the MEININGER Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz. You can sit down there and enjoy the view to the television tower. Every Sunday there is a huge flea market, where people sell their private stuff and designers offer their stylish accessories etc. Twice a month you can sing live karaoke in the park which is a lot of fun – for the singers and the watchers. Of course the Mauerpark is no longer an insider’s tip, but it is definitely worth a visit.
Mauerpark, Bernauer Str. 50/ Eberswalder Str. 1, 10435 Berlin:  1 Station to Eberswalder Straße with the U2 or 10 minutes walk

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Volkspark Friedrichshain

The Volkspark is the ideal park for families, but also for young people. No matter if you want to go jogging, inline skating or slacklining: Volkspark is the place where a lot of people do their sports. But the park is huge and has a lot of large lawns, too. There is a swimming pool and a beach volleyball field next to the Volkspark. The highlight is a fairy tail fountain with figures from the fairies of the Brothers Grimm. During the summer months you can watch movies in the open air cinema which is located in the park, too. Volkspark Friedrichshain offers several possibilities to spend your free time and it is nearby the MEININGER Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz .
Am Friedrichshain, 10249 Berlin

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Tempelhofer airport field

The Tempelhofer airport field is a must-see in the spring or summer in Berlin. The former airport field is nowadays a huge park with over 300 hectares. The former landing strips are the perfect places for cycling or jogging. But you can also just sit down on the lawn and watch all the people walking by, barbecuing, flying their kites and having a good time. It is the perfect place to spend a warm evening – for tourists and locals.
Tempelhofer Feld, 12099 Berlin

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You want to relax after a sightseeing tour to the Brandenburg Gate and the Siegessäule? Tiergarten should be your first choice. In the west Center of Berlin next to the sightseeing highlights the park offers sunny lawns and shadowy trees. From the MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station Tiergarten is the closestpark. If you have kids, there is a large playground in the southeast.
Straße des 17. Juni 31, 10785 Berlin

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If you stay at the MEININGER Hotel Berlin Mitte “Humboldthaus”, the Monbijou park should be your first choice, because it is just a few minutes walk from the hotel. After shopping in Berlin Mitte choose your place to relax in the park which is 3 hectares huge. There are special areas where you are allowed to barbecue, so why do not let the dinner take place in the park?
Oranienburger Straße, 10178 Berlin

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