Best Coffee Spots in Cologne: A Quick Guide

Cologne is where you’ll find some of the finest coffee experiences. From cozy, classic Kaffeehäuser to hip and modern specialty coffee shops, it’s a caffeine lover’s paradise! Whether you’re seeking a morning caffeine fix, a spot for a relaxed afternoon, or a cool place for a social gathering, the coffee culture in Cologne is an essential part of the city’s allure and lifestyle. 

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Where to Find the Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Cologne

Grab your favorite mug and let’s dive into the rich aromas and flavors of Cologne’s coffee scene; your journey to the best brews in town starts here👇👇👇

☕ Café Art  

Right around Lenauplatz, Café Art is a gem with a secret: a lush back terrace! Whipped up by Cihan and Onur, this spot’s your go-to for barista brews and loads of treats: from vegan chocolate cakes to gluten-free goodies. In the mood for a quick espresso or a laid-back laptop sesh? They have your back. 

Their coffee? Straight from Espresso Perfetto with a sprinkle of Onur’s latte art charm. Nibble on ciabattas or chill with a homemade iced tea. And soon, fingers crossed, you will be clinking Aperol Spritz glasses under the sun.

Best Coffee Spots in Cologne: A Quick Guide - two people making a toast with Aperol Spritz
Clinking glasses to the vibrant hues of Aperol Spritz at Café Art, where Cologne’s charm infuses every sip

☕ Café Buur

Tucked in Cologne’s trendy Belgian Quarter, Café Buur sprang to life in 2017. What started as a shabby shisha bar turned into a chic brunch spot thanks to the Pooramin family’s magic touch. 

In just a blink, it went from “Where’s that?” to “The place to be,” hosting a cool crowd of foodies and celebs. Now, it’s not just a café; it’s an experience that has everyone lining up around the block. And with a crew of 50, every guest gets star treatment. Pop by and see what the buzz is all about! 

☕ Hommage  

Step into Hommage, a little gem by Friesenplatz, where quirky meets cozy. It’s a mishmash of vintage vibes—think old counters and wine crates turned into hipster chic. Here, munch on the freshest avo-toasts or indulge in yummy cakes. And their coffee? It’s pure art! Join their barista classes and become a coffee expert yourself. 

☕ Engelbät  

Engelbät is where the magic of crêpes comes alive on their open turntables. Sweet, savory, meaty, or vegan; choose from over 50 special varieties.  

Best Coffee Spots in Cologne: A Quick Guide - sweet crepes and a glass of tea
Savor the sweetness of Cologne: A delectable crepe from Engelbät Café, where every bite is a taste of local indulgence

☕ Habibi  

Get ready to be whisked away on a magic carpet ride of flavors at Habibi, where the vibrant streets of Baghdad meet the bustling heart of Cologne. In this cozy corner of the city, you’ll find a slice of Middle Eastern soul, lovingly poured into every meal. So, if you are in search of a culinary adventure and a coffee shop with a twist, let Habibi be your… genie in a bottle. 

☕ ST LOUIS Breakfast  

They say “better mood with better food”, right? Head to ST. LOUIS Breakfast in the vibrant Kwartier Latäng. From eye-catching buffets to aromatic coffee and lively cocktails, this place transforms your mood. With a toasty outdoor terrace and a flexible indoor space, ST. LOUIS is one of the best coffee spots in Cologne. 

☕ The Coffee Gang  

The Coffee Gang is a hip spot that’s a total hit with coffee lovers. Here, coffee is more than just a drink; it’s a craft. Beans are freshly roasted and ethically sourced, ensuring every sip is delicious. Make sure you also check out their homemade sandwiches and cakes and feel the local vibe with every bite.  

Best Coffee Spots in Cologne: A Quick Guide - freshly roasted beans in a coffee machine
Experience the aroma and flavor of Coffee Gang’s signature beans, a true delight for coffee aficionados in Cologne

☕ Café Sehnsucht  

Café Sehnsucht offers you some of Cologne’s finest coffee with a deep commitment to sustainability. As an eco-certified sanctuary (DE-ÖKO-006), it’s a champion of local, organic products, avoiding lengthy transport routes and industrially farmed meats. There, each sip makes a positive impact. 

✨ Summing up… 

Cologne’s coffee culture is full of flavors and experiences. Whether you’re on the hunt for the best coffee in Cologne, or simply searching for a “coffee shop open near me”, this city has it all. Dive into the eclectic world of the best cafes in Cologne and thank us later! 

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Your ultimate guide to Cologne's top coffee spots: FAQs

What are some top coffee spots in Cologne?

- Café Art: Known for barista brews and a secret terrace haven
- Café Buur: A chic brunch nook nestled in the trendy Belgian Quarter
- Hommage: A quaint spot with a vintage vibe serving top-notch coffee
- Engelbät: A haven for crêpe lovers, offering over 50 special varieties
- Habibi: A slice of Baghdad with a Middle Eastern soul infusion
- ST LOUIS Breakfast: Boost your mood with great food and coffee
- The Coffee Gang: A place where coffee is a celebrated craft
- Café Sehnsucht: Sustainable coffee enjoyment with an ecological commitment

What makes Café Art unique?

Café Art stands out with its barista coffee and lush back terrace. It's the perfect spot for a quick espresso or a laid-back laptop session, complemented by homemade iced tea and treats like vegan chocolate cakes.

Why should I visit Café Buur?

Café Buur has transformed from a dingy shisha bar to a hip brunch hotspot in the Belgian Quarter. Its blend of delicious food, trendy ambiance, and star treatment for every guest makes it a must-visit.

Can I learn barista skills at Hommage?

Yes, Hommage offers barista classes where visitors can become coffee connoisseurs themselves. The café is an ideal blend of quirky and cozy, with a dash of hipster chic.

What's special about Engelbät?

Engelbät captivates with its magical selection of over 50 special crêpe varieties, from sweet to savory, meaty to vegan.

What's the concept behind Habibi?

Habibi offers a unique dining experience that blends Middle Eastern dishes and coffee specialties, steeped in the culture and vibe of Cologne.

What does ST LOUIS Breakfast offer?

ST. LOUIS doesn't just serve aromatic coffee and lively cocktails but also features an eye-catching buffet in a vibrant setting, perfect for a mood lift.

Is The Coffee Gang eco-conscious?

Yes, The Coffee Gang values freshly roasted and ethically sourced beans, ensuring every sip is delicious and responsible.

What is Café Sehnsucht's commitment to sustainability?

Café Sehnsucht, as an eco-certified establishment (DE-ÖKO-006), advocates for local, organic products, avoiding long transport routes and industrially farmed meat. Each sip here positively impacts the environment.

Why should I delve into Cologne's coffee culture?

Cologne's coffee culture offers a diversity of taste experiences and unique encounters, integral to the cityscape and way of life. Whether you're on the quest for the city's best coffee or just a cozy café nearby, Cologne has something for everyone.

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