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Krak贸w: where history & culture unite

Welcome to Krak贸w, the charming “Jewel of Poland”! This city is a fantastic blend of history and culture that will leave you in awe. Once the royal capital of Poland, Krak贸w holds centuries of stories in its heart, best exemplified by the majestic Wawel Castle gazing over the Vistula River. Wander through the picturesque Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and be amazed by the medieval Market Square, one of Europe’s largest squares, surrounded by historic buildings and the iconic Cloth Hall.

But what’s great about Krak贸w is that it goes way beyond ancient landmarks. The city’s streets are buzzing, there are cozy cafes, and you can check out some neat art galleries. With its mix of the past and present, loads of culture, and a spirit that never quits, Krak贸w is a true standout on the European map.

MEININGER Krakow - horses pulling a carriage in Market Square
Krakow’s Historic Heart: Market Square

Looking for modern budget-accommodation in Krak贸w?  

Call off the search because the MEININGER Krak贸w Centrum is calling your name!

Find our property in the Grzeg贸rzki district, east of the Old Town; a neighborhood perfect for travelers who want modern amenities and convenient location in combo with vibrant and friendly vibes.

Located just a short walk from the city center, our hotel offers you easy access to Krak贸w’s most popular attractions and countless cultural, dining and shopping options. Pop in the Hala Targowa (Flea Market) right across from us and take a look at its wide selection of regional products. Or drop by the Opera House, the Botanical Garden and the Jagiellonian University where Nicolaus Copernicus studied. Opposite the street from our property, find the iconic Blue Nysa Van (Kie艂baski z Niebieskiej Nyski), a popular spot serving the best kie艂basa (sausages) in Krak贸w.

Ready for your bewitching visit?

Find us at: Grzeg贸rzecka 10, 31-530 Krak贸w, Poland 

MEININGER Krak贸w Centrum: all you need to know 

Dive into the merchants’ traditional craft and the history of chess with us. Go with the “Flow of Creation”, our main theme, and experience moments to remember while on your Krak贸w adventure.

Magdalena Federowicz-Boule, Anna Federowicz-Tomaszewska and Jaros艂aw Gw贸藕d藕

The architects behind the property鈥檚 interior design, will tell you more about how exactly our property came to life馃憞 

M: Can you introduce yourselves, please?

The MEININGER Krak贸w Centrum project was led by Anna Federowicz (co-owner of the Tremend and FBT studios), who supervised a team of several architects led by a duo of project managers: Aneta Bura and Izabela Dymkowska.

The Tremend design company was founded in 2010 from a combination of the professional experience of Magdalena Federowicz-Boule, Anna Federowicz-Tomaszewska and Jaros艂aw Gw贸藕d藕. The company focuses on the design of cubature architecture and interior design. The company is also involved with activities related to Project Management, cost control and construction management during construction in the field of quality control and schedule. The company’s philosophy is to combine design services with broad support in conducting and supervising the investment process.

The combination of technical knowledge and design as well as Construction Management allows us to create timeless, durable, creative projects in line with the idea of sustainable development. We create creative projects: brand books for Polish and foreign companies, experimental projects producing energy, design projects where the combination of function and design is the most important aspect. We operate in accordance with the principle of “Less is more”, and each of our projects is individual work with added value. The Tremend company is a multi-branch design office in which there are about 80 architects, including 16 architects with permissions, 12 project managers with international experience, 10 sanitary engineers, 2 cost managers as well as construction engineers and Breeam assessor. We work with Bim technology. Our office conducts projects in Poland, France, Ukraine, Hungary and Albania.

M: What are your first 3 associations with the city of Krak贸w? 

Krak贸w is a special city on the map of Poland. In the past, it was the capital of Poland, and the royal family was stationed here for centuries. Krak贸w is also home to one of the best Polish universities, the Jagiellonian University, which has produced the most outstanding Polish scientists for centuries. Additionally, the city is unique when it comes to the Kazimierz district, the most unique spot in the country which is a special place shaped by the Jewish community. We were very happy to design a property for the MEININGER brand in Krak贸w, because we could present important, local topics in a typical MEININGER way: without pompousness, but with a youthful twist and a wink at the city’s history.  

M: What was the main inspiration for the MEININGER Krak贸w interior design? 

As I described, the entire history of the project revolves around 3 topics, with a loose approach and development of these threads:

1) Monarchy and royalty

2) Street trade and accents typical of the Kazimierz district

3) University, science and magic associated with it

M: How would you describe the property in 3 words? 

The topics are so complex that it鈥檚 difficult to describe the project in 3 words. We can use 3 slogans from the presentation: royal chambers, flow of creation, and spark crafts.

M: What is your favorite area of the MEININGER in Krak贸w? 

All public areas are unique and show the real spirit of Krak贸w: i.e., the entrance lobby, reception area and breakfast room, as well as the game zone available on level -1.

M: What is the best thing about this new MEININGER addition? 

First of all, it will be the first MEININGER to open in Poland; in our opinion, the entire concept of the MEININGER brand is so unique that this facility will stand out on the travel map of this city. And the playfulness and freshness of its interior concept in a city full of very elegant and distinguished hotels is something unique on the map of Krak贸w.

Visiting Krak贸w soon?

MEININGER Krak贸w Centrum is the perfect accommodation for those aiming to visit Krak贸w without breaking the bank.

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