Geneva Fun Facts

Most Fascinating Geneva Fun Facts!

Geneva, the second biggest city in Switzerland, is situated at the Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). It is surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains, which are responsible for the breathtaking scenario of this city. In Geneva, there are the headquarters of Europe’s United Nations and the Red Cross. Continue reading and learn more about Geneva Fun Facts!

#1 Lake Geneva, the largest Alpine Lake in Europe

Lake Geneva (official name is actually: Lac Léman) is the main attraction of Geneva. The lake in numbers: it covers an area of approximately 580 square kilometers, has a maximum length of 73 kilometers and a maximum width of 14 kilometers. You can do many outdoor fun activities around Lake Geneva. Swimming, boating, hiking and cycling are just some of the activities you could do.

Geneva Fun Facts

#2 Jet d’Eau, city’s most famous landmark

The Jet d’Eau, a large fountain at the Lake Geneva, is one of the Geneva’s most famous landmarks and the background for countless selfies from visitors. Five hundred liters of water per second are jetted to an altitude of 140 meters. It is even visible throughout the city and from the air! MEININGER tip: choose the window seat when flying over Geneva ;).

Geneva Fun Facts

#3 Birthplace of the Red Cross

Switzerland’s flag resemblance with The Red Cross is not a coincidence. Its flag is simply a color-switch of the Flag of Switzerland. The Red Cross was founded in 1863 in Geneva, where its headquarters still remain today. Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum are open to the public, make sure to visit them.

Geneva Fun Facts

#4 Center for diplomacy

Geneva has established itself as a world center for diplomatic conferences and continues to keep alive the “spirit” that resulted in people choosing Geneva as the meeting place for nations. The Palace of Nations, former home of the League of Nations is today home to the United Nations Office. By focusing on peace, rights, and well-being, the dedicated individuals work together to improve the living conditions of people throughout the world.

Geneva Fun Facts

#5 Geneva has the world’s largest research center

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, short the CERN, near Geneva is the world’s largest research center. Physicists from around the world travel to CERN for research matters and explore the fundamental forces and materials that form the universe.

Geneva Fun Facts

#6 Where the watch was invented

In 1541 Calvinists banned jewelry from use and that’s why goldsmiths from Geneva started brainstorming the invention of watches, since a functional timepiece was acceptable. The result of this industriousness can be seen at the Patek Philippe Museum, where you can learn everything about the watchmaking history or read more about it here.

Geneva Fun Facts

#7 MEININGER in Geneva

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