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Welcome to the marvelous world of Cologne! Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey through the fourth largest city in Germany where history and modernity dance hand in hand. This cultural gem is renowned worldwide for the picturesque banks of the Rhine River, its vibrant arts scene, delicious cuisine, and awe-inspiring landmarks that will leave you breathless. 

Dominating the cityscape… the Cologne Cathedral, also known as the Kölner Dom, stands tall as a testament to the marvels of Gothic architecture. This majestic UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to countless artistic wonders, including the prestigious Shrine of the Three Kings.  

Cologne, Germany
Cologne, Germany

All of you, art enthusiasts, will feel you’re in paradise at the Museum Ludwig, boasting an extraordinary collection of modern masterpieces. The pulse of Cologne’s cultural scene is palpable with the joyful spirit of its legendary Carnival.  

Cologne is more than a city that cherishes its past; it’s also a vibrant hotspot embracing diversity and acceptance. Celebrate the thriving LGBTQI+ scene and enjoy the youthful energy of the city, as invigorating as the iconic scent of the original Eau de Cologne. 

Ready to surrender to its irresistible charm and create memories that will last a lifetime? 


New MEININGER hotel in the heart of Cologne  

Searching for modern budget-accommodation in Cologne? Time to stop looking and book your stay at the MEININGER Hotel Köln West in the heart of the charming Braunsfeld neighborhood of Cologne. 

Find us at OVUM, a new urban building complex offering food spots, parking spaces, a supermarket, retail store, coffee shop and free WiFi. We’re also near the RheinEnergieStadion, the home stadium of the local football club 1. FC Köln. In the mood for more fun things to do? The MEININGER Hotel Köln West is next to the botanical garden, Flora Köln, the Technologiepark and the Lindenthaler Tierpark—a huge zoo with kids’ playgrounds and free entrance.  

Hop on a train to explore the city center and the old town as well as all the top sights and attractions in Cologne. Viel Spaß! 

Find us at: Stolberger Str. 347, 50933 Cologne, Germany 

MEININGER Hotel Köln West: all you need to know   

Stefan Segebarth, the architect behind the property’s interior design, will tell you more about how exactly this hotel came to life.   

M: Could you, please, introduce yourself? 

Hi, my name’s Stefan Segebarth, I’m 53, an architect and project manager of JOI-Design. With over 23 years of experience in hospitality design, I’ve been responsible for a wide variety of projects from North America, Europe and India.  

M: Which are your top 3 associations with the city of Cologne? 

The amazing cathedral, the Cologne people and their huge heart as well as Kölsch (the regional light beer). 

M: What was the main inspiration for the MEININGER Hotel Köln West‘s design? 

The Cologne way of life, which is determined by openness, the ability to have loads of fun (Cologne Carnival) and the city as an important place for art and design fairs. 

M: How would you describe our hotel in 3 words? 

Super, spacious and (very) special.  

M: What is your favorite part of our hotel in Cologne? 

The guest kitchen. This place is designed uniquely and colorfully, and we would love to see the guests enjoying this incredibly special place.  

M: What is the best thing about this new MEININGER hotel? 

The massive love for details and, of course, each and every one of the amazing project team.  

Visiting Cologne soon?

MEININGER Hotel Cologne West is the perfect accommodation for those aiming to visit Cologne without breaking the bank.

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