Mexican mezcal is an incredibly alluring spirit that has become one of the latest trends in European bar culture. A high-quality spirit that fits our zeitgeist perfectly with its handcrafted, ethical production values, special taste and traditional design. This is the exciting story of Clandestino Mezcalero, who set off on a mission to spread the Mexican culture of mezcal to the world.

Your favourite travel recipe

The kitchen is clean, the grocery bags are bulging with goodies, and now it’s time to make something delicious. In Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna, we’ll be cooking ten recipes provided by our guests. Together with chef Nedjad Karamujic, we have a made selection from the more than one hundred submissions, and pimped our picks to show you some of the treats that you will be able to prepare in one our guest kitchens. Each kitchen has a supermarket just around the corner, so the ingredients should be easy to get hold of.