Vegan Indian Food in Berlin

The Best 5 Vegan Indian Restaurants in Berlin

While Berlin is certainly known as a vegan foodie destination and a place where you can easily find everything in vegan form from donner to dim sum, it is not especially easy to come across good vegan Indian food. There are many, many Indian restaurants of varying quality in Berlin, but these are the five best places for vegan Indian food.

#1 Satyam

 The menu of this vegetarian restaurant in Charlottenburg serving South Indian food makes it very clear what is vegan and which vegetarian dishes can be prepared vegan upon request. The masala dosa (a gluten free pancake made from rice flour and stuffed with spiced potato and vegetables) is always a good option, and there are some more unusual dishes such as lemon lentil rice and upma (roasted semolina with onion, ginger, curry leaf and coriander). However, the best time to visit Satyam is on a Sunday for the fully vegan buffet brunch from 11am when you can help yourself to as much as you like of a wide range of dishes for just €9.50.

Goethestraße 5, 10623 Berlin

Indian Food in Berlin, satyam

#2 Tschüsch

Set up more like a café than a restaurant, this laid back little place in Neukölln serves enormous portions at quite reasonable prices. Everything is vegetarian, about half of the menu is vegan and the majority of the curries that are not already, have the option of a vegan version. No onions or garlic are used and all dishes come with a mound of rice and a side salad. Their signature dish is the potato, pea and banana curry, which sounds extremely weird, but is actually very tasty. They even do a mean vegan mango lassi!

Fuldastraße 12, 12045 Berlin

#3 Goura Pakora

Close to Boxhagenerplatz in Friedrichshain, this fully vegan Indian restaurant specializes in thalis, plates of a variety of dishes including rice, millet, vegetable dishes, pakoras (deep fried vegetables in chickpea batter), dosas, soups, salad and chutneys. Care is taken to ensure their ingredients are of the highest quality and that meals are balanced and healthy. They also serve hot drinks with soy milk and offer several vegan cakes.

Krossener Str. 16, 10245 Berlin 

Indian Restaurants in Berlin, goura_pakora

#4 Naveena Path

In an unsuspecting location in Wedding, this small restaurant serves up all vegetarian South Indian, Tamil and Sri Lankan specialties with many vegan options at great prices. Staff are friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed, if a little disorganized. The menu features some interesting dishes you’ll have trouble finding elsewhere such as bright green pumpkin curry and real spicy aubergine. For just €8 you can fill yourself up on the all vegan brunch buffet every Sunday from 11am. Just make sure you come early as it fills up quickly and resist the temptation of eating beforehand: you will leave very full!

Tegeler Str. 22, 13353 Berlin

#5 Chutnify

The only place on this list that serves meat, Chutnify in trendy Kollwitzkiez, Prenzlauerberg is worth mentioning for its unique street food style of South Indian food and colourful décor. Vegan options, which make up about a third of the menu, are very clearly marked. Recommendable are the generous dosas, the light and fluffy idli (steamed pancakes made from fermented rice and lentils) and the comforting channa masala served with rice. Prices are a little higher than elsewhere and there are unfortunately no vegan desserts, but it worth a visit nonetheless. 

Sredzkistraße 43, 10435 Berlin

Indian Restaurants in Berlin, chutnify

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Vegan Indian Food in Berlin: FAQs

Is Berlin known as a vegan foodie destination?

Yes, Berlin is known as a vegan foodie destination where one can find a variety of vegan food ranging from doner to dim sum.

How easy is it to find good vegan Indian food in Berlin?

While there are many Indian restaurants in Berlin, it's not especially easy to come across good vegan Indian food.

Which vegan Indian restaurant in Berlin offers a fully vegan buffet brunch on Sundays?

Satyam offers a fully vegan buffet brunch on Sundays from 11am for €9.50.

What is the signature dish at Tschüsch?

Their signature dish is the potato, pea, and banana curry.

Is Goura Pakora a fully vegan restaurant?

Yes, Goura Pakora is a fully vegan Indian restaurant located close to Boxhagenerplatz in Friedrichshain.

What makes Naveena Path special?

Naveena Path offers vegetarian South Indian, Tamil, and Sri Lankan specialties with many vegan options. They also offer an all vegan brunch buffet every Sunday from 11am.

Does Chutnify serve meat?

Yes, Chutnify is the only place on the list that serves meat. However, they offer a unique street food style of South Indian food and have many vegan options clearly marked on the menu.

Which restaurant serves dishes like lemon lentil rice and upma?

Satyam serves dishes like lemon lentil rice and upma.

Are there vegan desserts available at Chutnify?

No, unfortunately, Chutnify does not offer vegan desserts.

Which restaurant specializes in thalis?

Goura Pakora specializes in thalis, offering a variety of dishes on a plate.

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