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My personal South Africa Guide

My personal South Africa Guide

After my second journey through South Africa almost four years later, I reiterate my previous statement once again. Spectacular and versatile scenery, never-ending beaches, extraordinary safari experiences, friendly and open people with excellent cuisine – all this can be found in the southernmost country of the African continent. After a good five weeks in the country, I have now compiled a list of my highlights and favourite addresses for you.

Roadtrip Südafrika

Road Trip South Africa

It all started with a sea of white and pink flowers in Free State. We were on our way to the first stop, the Golden Gate Highland National Park, just south of Johannesburg near the border to Lesotho. We had to pass through the gates of the park before 6pm, otherwise we wouldn’t make it to our camping site for the night. The warm wind blew through the car as we drove through the picturesque and rocky landscape into the evening sun with its intense orange glow. It was beginning again: that fluttering feeling in my stomach, just like the first time I visited South Africa. Back then, I fell head over heels in love with this beautiful country.