Marseille Fun Facts

Here are the most fascinating Marseille fun facts!

Located in the south of France, Marseille is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast with 2,900 hours of sunshine throughout the year!

Did you know the port of Marseille is the biggest in France? Or that the city is famous for its soap?

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#1 The oldest city in France

Marseille was founded 2,600 years ago by Greeks from Focea (nowadays in Turkey).

Marseille Fun Facts

#2 300 days of sunshine per year

With over 2,900 hours of sunshine throughout the year, Marseille is the sunniest city in France, a reason good enough to visit it at any point and during any season!

#3 World Water Capital

Marseille is the World Water Capital since 1996. The World Water Council headquarters sit in the Mediterranean metropolis. Their goal is to “mobilize action on critical water issues at all levels”.

#4 The biggest port in France

Marseille has the biggest commercial port in France. Most of the traded goods are oil and imports in general.

Marseille Fun Facts

#5 City of soap

The most famous fact about Marseille is probably its history of soap. Production of soap started in the Middle Ages, because there was a surplus of raw materials, like olive oil and soda. In the year 1688, King Louis XIV passed the Edict of Colbert, which set the standards and qualifications necessary for using the revered Marseilles soap label. Today, there are still 5 original “savonneries” (soap manufacturers) in Marseille.

#6 Largest European “suburban park”

Just outside the city, the beautiful Calanques National Park is waiting for you! You can go hiking, swim in the turquoise sea or just enjoy the beautiful nature.

Marseille Fun Facts

#7 The gateway to Provence

Marseille is located ideally in order to visit the Provence region. The city is about 45-60 minutes away from the most famous attractions: lavender fields, little medieval towns, roman archeological sites and scenic vineyards.

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