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Every nutritionist will tell you: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How you take this first meal might not determine, but will definitely influence, your energy level, productivity and mood throughout the day. Inspired by beautiful childhood memories of her mother waking her up and preparing breakfast, of the delicious scent of fresh buttered toast and intimate morning talks in the kitchen, Simone Hawlisch partnered up with publisher Gestalten to dedicate an entire 192 pages to her favourite meal of the day.

“Breakfast is a very personal ritual. Happy breakfast moments can look very different to all of us: quiet mornings, vibrant family gatherings, or vacations on the beach”, Simone writes in the preface to the book. And indeed, breakfast is as manifold as the people who consume it. There are early birds who enjoy a coffee, croissant and their favourite newspaper on the balcony while most others are still asleep. Some are constantly late for work and buy a sandwich on the go. Another kind already starts thinking about breakfast the evening before, when preparing their overnight oats. The list could go on indefinitely. Everybody has his or her breakfast ritual that is just waiting to be stirred up a little.

Stay for Breakfast is a recipe book that seeks to fuel our creativity around breakfast while honouring the variety of breakfast routines at the same time. Structured around ten occasions, the book helps us to rediscover traditional foods, travel to international breakfast tables and dream about enticing new possibilities. The book presents recipes for breakfast in bed, healthy breakfasts, outdoor breakfasts, hangover breakfasts and breakfasts with kids, to name just a few of the cornucopia of featured breakfast occasions. Among the dishes included you will find shakshuka, poached figs, sweet potato waffles, polenta cake, cheese scones and many more – all ready to be prepared by you. Don’t hesitate to dive into these exquisite breakfast tastes and to find inspiration for your new breakfast ritual!


Simone Hawlisch is a freelance food, lifestyle and travel photographer and visual storyteller based in Berlin. Her work has been published in international and national print and online magazines. On Instagram, she shares everyday impressions, breakfast moments and travel photography on her poetic profile @fraeuleinsonntag, which is dedicated to the “Slow Living” principle, focusing on a simple, calm and mindful way of life. Her favourite breakfast food to this day is warm buttered toast with chocolate spread or jam – the breakfast she preferred as a child.

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