Rom Essen

Culinary discoveries in Rome

Pizza, pasta and probably the best ice cream in the world – these are the dishes that come to everyone’s mind when they think of food typical of Rome.

Alternative Tour Copenhagen

If you’re in Copenhagen and are looking for a tour off the beaten track, you might want to join the Alternative Tour by Sandemans Free Walking Tours.

Frankfurt alte Oper

A perfect weekend in Frankfurt am Main

Tips for accommodation, eating, sightseeing and shopping in Frankfurt. Here you can discover the best way to spend a wonderful weekend in Mainhattan and also what you simply cannot afford to miss out on.


Spending an Afternoon Around King’s Cross in London

London is such a huge city with so many diverse neighbourhoods that if your time is limited in this great city and you’re not so interested in hitting the main tourist sights, one way to get a really good feel for London is to pick an area and spend an afternoon just exploring around there.

Alternative Amsterdam canal cruises

A canal tour is a classic Amsterdam experience that you shouldn’t miss. Cruising through the historic canals is the best way to see all the impressive landmarks of the city. If a trip to Amsterdam is a hamburger, a canal tour is the ketchup. It’s the special ingredient that completes the whole experience.

What dutch food should you try

Must-Eat Dutch food for your Stay in Amsterdam

Most visitors to Amsterdam know very little about Dutch food before they arrive. Depending on where they’re from, they may have tried some rubbery imitation Gouda or Edam cheese, or they might be under the illusion that everyone eats hash brownies for breakfast. Luckily, neither of these are the reality. And while Dutch food is still pretty undiscovered internationally, this only makes it more of an adventure for the first time visitor to try it… So if you’re coming to Amsterdam, here are 5 foods you simply can’t leave without trying.