Alternative Amsterdam canal cruises

A canal tour is a classic Amsterdam experience that you shouldn’t miss. Cruising through the historic canals is the best way to see all the impressive landmarks of the city. If a trip to Amsterdam is a hamburger, a canal tour is the ketchup. It’s the special ingredient that completes the whole experience.

5 Must-Eat Dutch Specialities for your Stay in Amsterdam

Most visitors to Amsterdam know very little about Dutch food before they arrive. Depending on where they’re from, they may have tried some rubbery imitation Gouda or Edam cheese, or they might be under the illusion that everyone eats hash brownies for breakfast. Luckily, neither of these are the reality. And while Dutch food is still pretty undiscovered internationally, this only makes it more of an adventure for the first time visitor to try it… So if you’re coming to Amsterdam, here are 5 foods you simply can’t leave without trying.

Across Mönchsberg mountain to Hohensalzburg castle

Hohensalzburg castle towers high above the city of Salzburg. During its centuries-old history it was not captured once. These days, it prefers to let in guests and besiegers voluntarily, albeit, unfortunately, not free of charge. There are many ways up to the castle.

Searching for the best fish rolls

Hamburg is famous for its fish market. Every Sunday it attracts thousands of visitors. Here you can find fish in every variation. And there’s also plenty of stuff to see and buy around the fish stalls. Unfortunately though, not every day is Sunday, but given that one fish roll – at the very least – is a must for a large number of tourists in Hamburg.

Amsterdam Historical Sightseeings

With more than 7,000 officially recognized historical buildings and monuments, Amsterdam is a city with a rich history and countless stories to tell. Just take a walk in the city centre and its historical heritage will unveil to you step by step.


Amsterdam, commonly referred to as the Venice of the North, is the cultural, financial and creative centre of the Netherlands.