A Day in the Life of a World Traveller: Hamburg


I was a first time visitor and a kid in a candy store all at the same time. It is the only way I can explain the way I felt when I stepped foot on Hamburg soil. It is a never ending city, around every corner there is something new to discover and explore.

From an extremely unplanned journey to the best made Hamburg travel route, I wanted to share my day in the life with you!

I woke up at the MEININGER Hotel Hamburg City Center, hopped in the shower, updated a few blog posts from my adventures previous and then started my day in the beautiful city of Hamburg. Of course no adventure is complete without a full and delicious balanced breakfast. There was no way I was leaving the hotel without an all-you-can-eat adventure to the breakfast buffet.




I used my left hand for eating and my right to circle all the subway stations I want to exit from. Before I could ask where the closest station was, I realized I was already half way out the door. So I walked onward, became too preoccupied with beautiful abandoned towers amongst the distance and then started the route for the day. What route? Well… I don’t always know where I’m going, but I allow my inspiration to take me for a spin. I searched Pinterest and TripAdvisor while on the tram and then allowed myself to get lost and explore Hamburg on my own terms.



Church of St. Michael

I don’t often make pit stops at churches, and I actually came across the Church of St. Michael on a stroll through the side streets. I didn’t actually go into the church but found the outside to be intriguing enough. If you look around the church itself, there are so many unique buildings and so much history to be explored.





Warehouse District

You can’t visit Hamburg without exploring the Warehouse District. It was the first beautiful sunny day we had had in a while and there were crowds of people lining the sidewalks. To my surprise I pretty well had the streets to myself along the Warehouse District that day, it was serenity on a cold sunny winter’s day.





Town Hall

Did you know that you can actually explore the inside of the Town Hall in Hamburg? It is stunning and photographs are allowed in designated areas. As the Christmas Market was just wrapping up, we heard beautiful music surrounding us and enjoyed all the festive decorations still up to ring in the New Year.





Alster Lake

Alster Lake was THE place I had on my list while visiting Hamburg. In fact, it was the only place I had on my list before visiting and I was dying to see the infamous ‘woman in the water.’ Unfortunately right before arriving to Hamburg I did my research only to find out that this beautiful woman in the water was actually a 1,2-foot floating sculpture created as a conversation piece for a 10 day period a couple years ago. It turns out that many people in the city were calling the art an ‘eye sore’ and the sculpture was replaced during this year’s holidays with a large Christmas tree, though still beautiful.





Harbour Piers

I had every intention on skipping the piers and heading straight to the Warehouse District, but somehow found myself hopping off the tram just in the knick of time. Turns out the walk is a gorgeous one between stations and is all along the water’s edge. Stop by for a warm cup of coffee and get a couple souvenirs along the way, it’s a beautifully breath taking scene of Hamburg that I would always recommend seeing.

I am not going to lie, I am pretty upset with myself that I didn’t pop in to see the Miniatur Wunderland. I walked passed the front doors to a sea of people and realized that it wasn’t worth my time to go in for a visit. I am second guessing that decision now, which just calls for another trip to Hamburg and the MEININGER Hotel. What a wonderful day!

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