Where to find the BEST fish sandwich in Hamburg

4 places with the best view and fish sandwich in Hamburg

Brussels has its fluffy waffles, in Vienna you need to try Wiener Schnitzel and in Hamburg Fischbrötchen (how locals call their fish sandwiches) is the star! But where to find yummy fish sandwich in Hamburg? Here is a list with places which have delicious Fischbötchen with an amazing view over the Hamburg port, you can enjoy while eating!

#1 Brücke 10 

At the St. Pauli Jetty there are many stalls with fish sandwiches, but one stall in particular stands out and it’s the Brücke 10. Here you can satisfy your hunger for fish sandwiches with matjes herring, bismarck herring or shrimp rolls. Brücke 10 is in almost every Top 10 list about where to find the best fish sandwich in Hamburg.

Brücke 10, Hamburg
Brücke 10, Hamburg

#2 Fischmarkt Hamburg

Fish market in Hamburg is an institution and a must see for every visitor! Every Sunday it attracts thousands of visitors. At the Fischmarkt in Hamburg you can find fresh fish in every variation and selection of the yummiest fish sandwiches. There’s also plenty of other stuff to see and buy around the fish stalls, like fresh vegetable and fruits. MEININGER tip: Come early, very early!

Fischmarkt in Hamburg
Fischmarkt in Hamburg

#3 Schnellimbiss Am Alten Elbtunnel

Grab your fish sandwich at Schnellimbiss and walk to the jetties with a view over the port. From there you can admire city’s modest landmark, the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, wave to the boats while eating your yummy Fischbrötchen. Afterwards cross to the other side of Hamburg via Elbtunnel, 426 m long pedestrian tunnel which will bring you to the docks and shipyards.

Schnellimbiss, Hamburg
Schnellimbiss, Hamburg

#4 Bistro KaiserPerle

If you want to enjoy your fish sandwich after visiting Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, stop by KaiserPerle. Pick up your Fischbrötchen, jump on a ferry number 72 and take a ride through the port.

fish sandwich hamburg

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