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Hamburg has a lot to offer for its visitors. But there are some facts that you surely do not know. Be surprised and check out our fun facts!

  • “Miniatur Wunderland” is the world’s largest model railway museum with railway length more 12 km.
  • The local greeting “Hummel, Hummel” (with when confronted you are supposed to reply with „Mors, Mors“) is said to be coming from a water carrier named Hans Hummel. He was a grumpy person. During his job, a bunch of kids surrounded him to make fun of him, shouting his name. He was so upset and angrily answered “Mors, Mors” a short way of saying “Klei mi an’ Mors” which translated as “kiss my ass.” Today, the expression is meant friendly though.
  • John Lennon: “I was born in Liverpool but raised in Hamburg.”
  • Right at every seat on the VIP stage by Hamburg’s local Football Club „FC St.Pauli“, VIP find an own tap for fresh Astra beer and a little train with fresh currywurst to run in front of them. Nice, eh?
  • Hamburg has a little street where women are only allowed to walk through if they are prostitutes.
  • Hamburg has the oldest opera in Germany (since 1678).
  • Hamburg has more bridges than Amsterdam, Venice and London together (approximately 2.500).
  • Close to Hamburg, in Wedel, you will find the „Schiffsbegrüssungswerk“, a place that is greeting every ship that runs into Hamburg Harbour with playing the national anthem and hissing the national flag of the place where the ship is registered.
  • Hamburg is home to more millionaires than any other German city.
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