Neighborhood Guide: Moabit

What to do in Moabit, Berlin 

Hey there, lovely travelers! Berlin, our favorite city of endless possibilities, is brimming with neighborhoods that each tell a unique story. One of these intriguing stories unfolds in the heart of the city—in Moabit, an area that keeps it real. It’s where Berlin’s past meets the present, and we’re here to give you tips on how to explore this exciting neighborhood. 

Discover Moabit, Berlin’s best-kept travel secrets with our essential guide


Time-travel back to Moabit’s past 

Before we talk about the modern side of this area, let’s set the stage with a little Moabit history. This neighborhood’s story started in the early 19th century as an industrial area with not much going on. But later on things started to get interesting. 

Moabit became a transportation hub thanks to its spot by the Spree River, and the fabulous Tiergarten, meaning “animal garden” in German, which played a vital role in shaping Moabit’s identity. Originally, it was a hunting ground for the Prussian nobility and eventually transformed into one of Berlin’s most beloved parks. 

Moabit neighborhood - river Spree and Moabit buildings
Embracing the Beauty of Moabit: Where Urban Charm Meets Serenity

🎁 Moabit unwrapped 

Moabit has some surprises up its sleeves, and we’re about to reveal one of them: Arminiuskiez, a really charming area with tree-lined streets and historic buildings. Walk through this part of town to admire its architectural beauty and relaxing vibes. 

Are you also looking for a Markthalle in Moabit Berlin? Visit the Arminius Market Hall for local flavors, art, shops, events and activities. Picture this: a bustling market hall with stalls dishing out international cuisine. Street food, artisanal goodies—it’s all here, just waiting for you to dig in. 

🥡 Feast your senses in Moabit 

Now, let’s talk food. Explore the neighborhood’s culinary scene, from traditional German dishes to flavors from around the world. Whether you’re hungry for a quick snack, or a fancy dining experience, Moabit delivers. 

Here are some of our favorite food spots: 

Song Lam 37  

For an authentic taste of Vietnam, make your way to Song Lam 37. From pho to spring rolls, their menu is packed with delicious Vietnamese dishes. 

Sapori di Casa 

Craving Italian for your lunch in Moabit? Visit Sapori di Casa. From classic pasta dishes to mouthwatering pizzas, they’ve got it all. Buon appetito! 

Chez Emil 

This popular culinary establishment is known for its exceptional cuisine and cozy ambiance. It’s a must-visit for all of you looking for a unique dinner in Moabit. 

Moabit neighborhood - vietnamese pho
Savoring the flavors of Vietnam in Moabit

For your coffee cravings & sweet tooth 

Imagine being in a quaint café, sipping on a perfectly brewed cup of joe or snacking while you people-watch. It’s all about the simple pleasures in life, right? Check out our suggestions:  

Café Bar Tirrée  

Need a cozy spot to unwind? This is a friendly little cafe known for its warm atmosphere and excellent coffee. Grab a book or your laptop, order your favorite brew, and relax—it’s your moment of zen. 

Brühgruppe Kaffeebar  

If you’re a coffee fan, you need to go to Brühgruppe Kaffeebar. They take their coffee seriously, and every cup is a work of art. It’s the perfect place to start your day or refuel during your Moabit adventures. It’s also our personal favorite when it comes to grabbing some coffee in Moabit. 

Buchkantine Berlin  

Calling all bookworms and foodies! Buchkantine Berlin is a unique mix of bookstore and café. Explore shelves stocked with great literature, find your favorite read, and savor a delicious meal while dive into the world of words.  


Indulge your sweet tooth at Wafele—THE spot for Belgian waffles. Choose your favorite topping, from fruit to chocolate and more. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast or dessert, this place is amazing.  

💚 Leisure activities in Moabit 

Moabit goes beyond history and food. Grab a bike and take a relaxing ride along the scenic Spree River banks. Or lace up your sneakers for a walk in the picturesque Tiergarten Park that’s close by; perfect for all of you, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. You can also escape the city buzz by heading to Fritz-Schloß-Park. This green spot is perfect for picnics, or simply enjoying some fresh air. 

Sometimes, though, you need something extra to unwind. Vabali Spa is a serene place where you can pamper yourself with massages, saunas, and relaxation areas. It’s the perfect way to recharge after your Moabit adventures. 

While immersing yourself in the charm of Moabit, make sure to experience the serene beauty and diverse activities available at one of Berlin’s most stunning parks. Discover all that this peaceful oasis has in store in our article on the TOP Things to Do at Monbijoupark Berlin.

Moabit neighborhood - Tiergarten Park
Lost in the Tranquility of Tiergarten Park

🎨 Bonus Moabit must-dos 

For a dash of culture, check out the local art galleries and community events. Moabit’s art scene is thriving, and who knows, you might stumble upon something special during your adventure.  

And talking about art, add these three lovely spots to your bucket-list: 

Hamburger Bahnhof  

If you love art and unique settings, head to this fantastic contemporary art museum, nestled in an old train depot. Explore a world where art takes center stage and discover amazing creations that will spark your imagination. 

ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik 

For a dose of contemporary art and urban exploration, head to ZK/U. This vibrant cultural center, next to the Stephan- and Beusselkiez, hosts exhibitions, workshops, and events that challenge and inspire.  

Kulturfabrik Moabit  

Kulturfabrik Moabit is a hub of local culture where music, theater, and creativity come together. Check their events calendar for live performances, art exhibitions, and community gatherings. You’ll get an authentic taste of Moabit’s artistic spirit. 

Moabit neighborhood - Hamburger Bahnhof
Immersed in contemporary art at Hamburger Bahnhof

Summing up… 

In a nutshell, the Moabit district is a place where history meets modern living, and one of Berlin’s diverse neighborhoods. Whether you’re up for a relaxing day in the park, a fantastic meal, or a glimpse into local art, Moabit’s got everything you need! 

While you’re exploring the diverse neighborhoods of Berlin, don’t miss the chance to venture from Moabit to Prenzlauer Berg and discover the captivating Kollwitzplatz. Learn more about the charm of this bustling square in our article, Discovering Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

Neighborhood Guide Moabit: FAQs

What's the history behind Moabit, Berlin?

Moabit's story dates back to the early 19th century when it was an industrial area. It later evolved into a transportation hub thanks to its location by the Spree River and Tiergarten Park.

What can I explore in Arminiuskiez, Moabit?

Arminiuskiez is a charming area with tree-lined streets and historic buildings, perfect for leisurely walks. Don't miss the Arminius Market Hall for local flavors, art, shops, events, and activities.

What dining options are available in Moabit?

Moabit offers a diverse culinary scene. Enjoy Vietnamese dishes at Song Lam 37, Italian cuisine at Sapori di Casa, and exceptional dining at Chez Emil.

Where can I satisfy my coffee cravings in Moabit?

You have several options. Café Bar Tirrée offers a cozy atmosphere, while Brühgruppe Kaffeebar is perfect for serious coffee enthusiasts. If you're a bookworm, visit Buchkantine Berlin, a unique mix of bookstore and café. For sweet treats, Wafele is the go-to spot for Belgian waffles.

What leisure activities can I enjoy in Moabit?

Moabit offers various leisure activities. Take a scenic bike ride along the Spree River, explore Tiergarten Park, or relax at Fritz-Schloß-Park. Pamper yourself at Vabali Spa for massages and saunas to unwind.

Are there any cultural attractions in Moabit?

Absolutely! Explore Moabit's thriving art scene at local galleries and community events. Don't miss these three spots: Hamburger Bahnhof, ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, and Kulturfabrik Moabit for a dose of contemporary art and culture.

🛎️ Where to stay near Moabit?

Find the MEININGER Hotel Berlin Tiergarten tucked away next to Tiergarten Park and just a short walk away from Moabit.  

Address: Turmstraße 25, 10559 Berlin

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