From Architecture to Painting: 
A Portrait of Leipzig Painter Heiko Mattausch

Many roads lead to art and if there is one person for whom pursuing this path has paid off, it is Heiko Mattausch. Born in Döbeln, he initially worked as an architect for many years before finally deciding to do what he had always gravitated towards: painting. Now he is a full-time painter in Leipzig. A glance at his paintings shows that architecture wasn’t just a professional pit stop, but rather a formative guidepost.

MIMA in Brussels

Brussels is a city of surprises and constant change, and one of the best illustrations of this is MIMA – the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art

From graffiti writer to international artist

Stuttgart via Miami to the world. The art of Marc C. Woehr has already been around the globe a few times. ‘That was hard work’, emphasizes the 42-year-old artist, looking back proudly on over 25 years of creativity. On The Move offers a portrait of a former graffiti writer who has made the successful leap onto the international gallery scene.