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Marseille, the sunniest city in France

Marseille is a city of variety and contrast. It is the country’s second-largest city and has the biggest port in France. With 2,900 hours of sunshine throughout the year, it is always a good idea to visit Marseille, no matter the season!

The city’s most famous attractions are the Bonne-mère basilica, Vieux-Port and Château d’If. Marseille is also well known for its soap ‘Savon de Marseille’, pastis, pétanque and cultural outputs; it offers edgy art, sumptuous history and delicious food!

Where to stay in Marseille, our hotel in the center of the citz

Where to stay in Marseille?

The answer is simple: at our new hotel in Marseille city center!

The hotel in Marseille is located is in the La Joliette district, recently rejuvenated with many bars, boutiques, restaurants and close enough to the iconic sights.

Everything you need to know about the design of MEININGER Hotel Marseille Centre La Joliette 👇

The hotel is perfect if you seek central, modern and affordable accommodation in one of France’s oldest cities. MEININGER Hotel Marseille Centre La Joliette emerges from a new building in the historical and urban maritime neighborhood La Joliette. Karawitz architecture studio team themselves will tell you more about the interior design!

M: Please, introduce yourself! 🙂

KW: Hello, my name is Mischa Witzmann and I am the “Witz” of Paris based Karawitz architecture studio, which I founded in 2006 together with Milena Karanesheva. We are working mostly on housing-projects, but also on public buildings and hotel-buildings, often in timber-construction and very energy-efficient.

M: What are your first 3 associations with Marseille?

KW: South and sun, Mediterranean Sea, soccer.

M: What was the main inspiration for the MEININGER Hotel Marseille Cantre La Joliette design?

KW: To let the guest feel a southern atmosphere, by using warm and natural materials and creating different moods.

M: How would you describe the hotel in 3 words?

KW: Modern, young, cozy.

M: Which is your favorite part of the hotel in Marseille?

KW: The breakfast-room with its wooden tables and the colored wall-tiles.

M: What is the best thing about this new MEININGER hotel?

KW: The mix of proximity to the sea, central location, pleasant atmosphere and simplicity.

Visiting Marseille soon?

MEININGER Hotel Marseille Centre La Joliette is located in the La Joliette district of the 2nd arrondissement, just north of Marseille's Vieux Port. This means the hotel is close to basically everything you could want to see. By foot, it is only about 10 minutes from the hotel to the city center.

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